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02:09 Ticket #1117 (can't install with ghc in C:\Program Files\ghc\ghc-6.8.1 on Vista) created by guest
I've made several tests, and definitely gtk2hs refuses to install …


06:18 Ticket #1116 (illegal instruction at CS:0537 IP:02d4 OP: 63 68 61 72 73 ...) created by guest
I am not really convinced this is not a bug with my Windows, because …


16:51 Ticket #1115 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetTextModel broken (patch ...) created by guest
entryCompletionSetTextModel does not work. From what I can see, it …
15:59 Ticket #1114 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetMatchFunc results in ...) created by guest
Attempting to set a match function on an EntryCompletion? results in the …


17:11 Ticket #1113 (install gtk2hs- on flash drive w/ ghc-6.8.2?) created by guest
I've installed the Windows version of GHC-6.8.2 on my flashdrive (it works …


01:23 Ticket #1112 ("Xlib: unexpected async reply" with threaded RTS and --sync command line ...) created by guest
A trivial program which uses unsafeInitGUIForThreadedRTS, and doesn't even …
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