and .


19:15 Ticket #1134 (Could not find module `Graphics.UI.Gtk.SourceView') created by guest
I hope I am reporting this at the right place. I installed version …


14:33 Ticket #1133 (No version for 0.9.13 in trac) created by guest
The "Version" field in gtk2hs trac doesn't include an entry for 0.9.13.
14:32 Ticket #1132 (0.9.13 fails to build on PPC/Linux/ghc6.8.3) created by guest
Here's a build log: …


23:17 Ticket #1131 (gtk2hs-users no taccepting messages) created by guest
I've signed up for the gtk2hs-users list and the list is not accepting my …


13:59 Ticket #1130 (Text of treeview is not shown) created by guest
Hi, When compiling the attached file foo.hs, the texts of the view are …


03:23 Ticket #1129 (gtk2hs compilation error) created by guest
Hi _, I can't compile gtk2hs 0.9.13 using ghc 6.8.3 on > Linux …


22:45 Ticket #1128 (Support cabal install) created by guest
soegtk-9.12.2 fails to build. I get the following error …
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