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13:47 Ticket #1146 (Linking split-objs fails with "xargs: /mingw/bin/ar: Bad file number") created by guest
link-splitobjs.sh fails with the error "xargs: /mingw/bin/ar: Bad file …
13:40 Ticket #1145 (NativeWindowId does not compile: "cannot convert to a pointer type") created by guest
This happened with both GHC 6.8.3 and on Windows, using …


10:39 Ticket #1141 (flipHorazontally -> flipHorizontally) closed by axel
fixed: Fixed. I kept the wrong spelling in case there are any programs out there …


14:56 Ticket #1144 (gtk2hs-0-9-13 fails to generate docs with haddock- created by guest
Haddock's upstream have introduced some changes[1] in latest stable …


08:53 Ticket #1143 (gtk2hs refuses to build with cairo 1.8.0) created by guest
After installing version 1.8.0 of cairo, I attempted to rebuild gtk2hs …


10:03 Ticket #1142 (GHC_PKG_CHECK fails when multiple versions of the package are installed) created by guest
The GHC_PKG_CHECK macro doesn't work properly when multiple versions of …


21:11 Ticket #1094 (Enumeration documentation needs updating) closed by axel
fixed: I think the code generator does this now.
21:10 Ticket #1137 (gtk2hs_store_ref_node assertion failure) closed by axel
fixed: This has been fixed in ListStore recently.
21:04 Ticket #41 (Add predicates for types of widgets.) closed by axel
fixed: Since this is now available as typeInstanceIsA in module …
21:01 Ticket #1131 (gtk2hs-users no taccepting messages) closed by axel
invalid: Make sure you're sending with the same email that you've subscribed with.
21:00 Ticket #1130 (Text of treeview is not shown) closed by axel
invalid: I ran the foo.hs program without any problem. If this program stops …


21:41 Ticket #1114 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetMatchFunc results in ...) closed by axel
21:41 Ticket #1114 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.entryCompletionSetMatchFunc results in ...) reopened by axel
I have changed my mind about this. Although it is a bug in Gtk+ that it …
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