and .


10:15 Ticket #1167 (Think about resource management) created by guest
It is very easy to get a memory leak. For example these buttons will never …
08:48 Ticket #1166 (Hyperlink of TreeModelClass links to deprecated *.TreeList.* modules) created by axel
There must be some ambiguity and haddock just picks one of the modules …


19:14 Ticket #1160 (gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows) closed by pgavin


15:22 Ticket #1160 (gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows) reopened by guest
Invalid? Forgive my frustration, but I'd hardly have opened the ticket if …


11:39 Ticket #1165 (gtk2hs does not install on haskell platform under windows) created by guest
I just tried the new haskell platform installer under Windows XP. When …


20:43 Ticket #802 (Fix drawWindowGetPointer) closed by axel
fixed: I've added a function drawWindowGetPointerPos that has not a sane …


16:43 Ticket #1158 (Widgets should implement Eq and Ord.) closed by axel
fixed: Hm, Ord makes me hesitate a bit since it could lead to code that is …


22:08 Ticket #1157 (afterSizeAllocate throws schedule: re-entered unsafely bug) closed by axel
invalid: This is due to an infinite recursion as discussed on the mailing list.
19:20 Ticket #1159 (Aditional data in EventM) closed by axel
wontfix: No, I think the report want an additional method that returns the same as …
18:27 Ticket #1119 (implementation of onToggled for CellRendererToggle) closed by pgavin
fixed: This has been fixed, use the cellToggled signal.
18:16 Ticket #1122 (buttonNewFromStock should have StockId as a parameter) closed by pgavin
fixed: fixed.
18:14 Ticket #1123 (Broken links for images in Haddock) closed by pgavin
fixed: Fixed. You need haddock>=2.2 or haddock<=0.9.
18:08 Ticket #1136 (glib-0.9.13 in ghci 6.8.3 not loading !) closed by pgavin
fixed: I believe this is fixed. If not, please submit a new bug.
18:07 Ticket #1097 ('on' isn't exported by default when importing Gtk2Hs) closed by pgavin
fixed: Fixed.
18:01 Ticket #1 (Update the cairo bindings to add the PS and PDF backends and the new 1.2 ...) closed by pgavin
fixed: svgcairo does this, right? Marking as fixed.
17:58 Ticket #1149 (gtk2hs release for ghc-6.10.1) closed by pgavin
fixed: This has been done.
16:52 Ticket #1163 (Return type of treeModelSortGetModel) closed by axel
invalid: The return type of treeModelSortGetModel cannot be more general …
16:24 Ticket #1156 (textBufferPasteClipboard) closed by axel
fixed: Yes, this should have been a Maybe TextIter. In order not to break …
16:24 Ticket #1162 (toResponse crashes the program if the response ID is 0 or less than -11.) closed by pgavin
fixed: I've fixed this to allow 0 as a ResponseId?. The Gtk+ docs seem to imply …
16:16 Ticket #1112 ("Xlib: unexpected async reply" with threaded RTS and --sync command line ...) closed by pgavin
fixed: This is very old. I think its been fixed. If not, please open a new bug.
16:15 Ticket #1135 (libcroco-0.6-3.dll missing?) closed by pgavin
invalid: This looks very old, I don't think it's a problem anymore. Marking as …
16:12 Ticket #1160 (gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows) closed by pgavin
invalid: Multiple slashes are valid on any POSIX system. DESTDIR should be empty …
16:09 Ticket #1155 (Error building from source on Windows) closed by pgavin
invalid: Yeah, it seems that a newer version of make is needed. I've been …
16:06 Ticket #1153 (SourceView not recognised) closed by pgavin
fixed: there is a new binding to the newer sourceview package now.
16:02 Ticket #1146 (Linking split-objs fails with "xargs: /mingw/bin/ar: Bad file number") closed by pgavin
fixed: Fixed.
16:02 Ticket #1145 (NativeWindowId does not compile: "cannot convert to a pointer type") closed by pgavin
fixed: I'm pretty sure I fixed this one.
16:01 Ticket #1142 (GHC_PKG_CHECK fails when multiple versions of the package are installed) closed by pgavin
fixed: I believe this has been fixed.
15:59 Ticket #1117 (can't install with ghc in C:\Program Files\ghc\ghc-6.8.1 on Vista) closed by pgavin
fixed: Marking as fixed. The new installer should handle this I believe. If …
15:57 Ticket #1102 (Missing dependency on containers package) closed by pgavin
fixed: Probably fixed now, marking as fixed.
15:56 Ticket #1099 (build errors on Glib.UTFString) closed by pgavin
fixed: Very old, I'm guessing we've fixed this.
15:55 Ticket #1129 (gtk2hs compilation error) closed by pgavin
invalid: Can't access the build logs given. This has probably been fixed anyways.
15:54 Ticket #1128 (Support cabal install) closed by pgavin
duplicate: We don't support cabal (but plan to in the future). Marking as duplicate.


20:36 WikiStart edited by axel


16:24 Ticket #1152 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.Gdk.Events not exported by Graphics.UI.Gtk) closed by axel
invalid: Yes, this has changed and will break code. The reason is that there is a …
16:21 Ticket #1150 (compile error of version 0.9.13) closed by axel
duplicate: Yes, same error.
16:20 Ticket #1148 (floating point error) closed by axel
wontfix: This is really worrying. How can executing a floating point comparison …
16:16 Ticket #1147 (Documentation not available in website) closed by axel
fixed: Fixed.
16:11 Ticket #1144 (gtk2hs-0-9-13 fails to generate docs with haddock- closed by axel
fixed: We support the new haddock starting from version 0.10.0.
16:10 Ticket #1143 (gtk2hs refuses to build with cairo 1.8.0) closed by axel
fixed: This was fixed a while back.
16:08 Ticket #1134 (Could not find module `Graphics.UI.Gtk.SourceView') closed by axel
wontfix: I suspect that that particular binary installer didn't include the modules …
16:06 Ticket #1139 (GHCi linking error.) closed by axel
wontfix: This was a GHC bug. Programs can still be complied. I'll therefore close …
16:04 Ticket #1127 (PixbufData instance for MArray missing a method) closed by axel
fixed: This method was new in 6.8.2. It's been fixed for a while now.
16:02 Ticket #1125 (drawWindowGetPointer raises "NonExhaustivePattern" or something...) closed by axel
duplicate: Duplicate of #1126.
16:01 Ticket #1126 (drawWindowGetPointer raises "NonExhaustivePattern" or something...) closed by axel
fixed: I remember that we've fixed this. Duplicate of #1125.
15:59 Ticket #1111 (RadioActionEntry not initialized correctly) closed by axel
worksforme: This bug I understand no more than #1109, thus, I'm closing it due to lack …
15:49 Ticket #1109 (toggleActionIsActive in ToggleActionEntry not changed when user checks or ...) closed by axel
15:48 Ticket #1116 (illegal instruction at CS:0537 IP:02d4 OP: 63 68 61 72 73 ...) closed by axel
15:43 Ticket #1121 (Windows installer and GHC 6.8.2) closed by axel
wontfix: The pre-packaged Gtk2Hs installers are restricted to certain GHC versions …


18:25 Ticket #1164 (System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet appears to reverse list) created by guest
System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet reverses the list. see attached example.
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