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07:30 Ticket #1168 (testembedmoz segfaults) created by guest
Yesterday after a long time I built fedora's gtk2hs with mozembed enabled …


13:14 Ticket #1112 ("Xlib: unexpected async reply" with threaded RTS and --sync command line ...) reopened by guest
Why should anyone open a new bug? The description and test case are …
13:11 Ticket #1128 (Support cabal install) reopened by guest
Duplicate of what? Let's make this bug the cabal install task.


10:15 Ticket #1167 (Think about resource management) created by guest
It is very easy to get a memory leak. For example these buttons will never …
08:48 Ticket #1166 (Hyperlink of TreeModelClass links to deprecated *.TreeList.* modules) created by axel
There must be some ambiguity and haddock just picks one of the modules …


19:14 Ticket #1160 (gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows) closed by pgavin


15:22 Ticket #1160 (gtk2hs builds but does not install under Windows) reopened by guest
Invalid? Forgive my frustration, but I'd hardly have opened the ticket if …


11:39 Ticket #1165 (gtk2hs does not install on haskell platform under windows) created by guest
I just tried the new haskell platform installer under Windows XP. When …


20:43 Ticket #802 (Fix drawWindowGetPointer) closed by axel
fixed: I've added a function drawWindowGetPointerPos that has not a sane …


16:43 Ticket #1158 (Widgets should implement Eq and Ord.) closed by axel
fixed: Hm, Ord makes me hesitate a bit since it could lead to code that is …
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