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10:33 Ticket #1164 (System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet appears to reverse list) reopened by guest
Still present in gconf-0.11.0. If lists are not supposed to get reversed …


03:19 Ticket #1183 (Segfault in ghci 6.12.1) reopened by guest
I started researching this a little more, but now I have a little more …


20:49 Ticket #1192 (GLib-CRITICAL **: g_timeout_add_full: assertion `function != NULL' failed) created by guest
PowerPC Linux, ghc6_6.12.1-13 with Debian patches. Tested with different …


01:51 Ticket #1191 (Reinstate the getWindowTick facility for Graphics.SOE.Gtk module) created by guest
This patch reinstates the original timing facility described in The …


14:32 Ticket #1190 (cabalized gtk fails to install on Windows) created by guest
After successfully installing cairo, gio, glib and pango, I get the …


23:15 Ticket #1183 (Segfault in ghci 6.12.1) closed by axel
fixed: We have fixed two issues with respect to concurrency and the difference …
23:08 Ticket #1187 (gtk2hsC2hs fails to resolve --include when given paths with spaces.) closed by axel
fixed: Ups, I fixed that myself the other day, sorry Duncan!
23:03 Ticket #1169 (Makefile.am contains non-standard shell idioms, breaking source install on ...) closed by axel
wontfix: Apologies. This should not be an issue anymore with the cabal version.
23:02 Ticket #1164 (System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet appears to reverse list) closed by axel
fixed: Patch applied!
22:53 Ticket #1154 (--disable-deprecated breaks installation) closed by axel
wontfix: The disalbe-deprecated flag now works in 0.11.0 but has the milder …
22:51 Ticket #1151 (cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mt") closed by axel
wontfix: You're using Gtk+ 2.4.1. With the latest release, the minimum is 2.8 since …
22:47 Ticket #1185 (development version should have a different version number than the ...) closed by axel
fixed: I'll try to keep the versions different in the future.
22:41 Ticket #1165 (gtk2hs does not install on haskell platform under windows) closed by axel
wontfix: While 0.11.0 doesn't have a Windows installer, I hope that installing from …
22:39 Ticket #1128 (Support cabal install) closed by axel
fixed: Now all things are cabal and this is no longer an issue since cabal …
22:38 Ticket #1175 (broken on Mac OS X) closed by axel
fixed: This works for me for version 0.11.0, so closing.
22:31 Ticket #1182 (make: error: #endif without #if) closed by axel
fixed: I think this is fixed; I can't find this in the sources anymore…
14:37 Ticket #1189 (gtk package fails to build on debian stable) created by guest
cabal install gtk installs a couple of packages fine (glib, gio, cairo, …
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