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15:47 Ticket #1197 (Windows/Gtk2hs : Can't load `gtk` package on GHCi) created by guest
Loading package gtk-0.11.0 ... linking ... <interactive>: …


06:27 Ticket #1196 (Cairo error when running program) created by guest
Possibly a bug in gtk on windows. GHC 6.12.3 and gtk2hs installed with …


01:55 Ticket #1195 (glib should depend on gtk2hs-buildtools) created by guest
When I try to install GLib, I get the following error:[…]


15:01 Ticket #1189 (gtk package fails to build on debian stable) closed by axel
11:32 Ticket #1164 (System.Gnome.GConf.gconfSet appears to reverse list) closed by axel
wontfix: We cannot reproduce that the list is reversed when storing them into …
08:03 Ticket #1184 (Non exhaustive pattern in Show instance for Weight attribute in Pango) closed by axel


14:25 Ticket #1118 (Add gdk_get_default_root_window) closed by axel
14:23 Ticket #1124 (New SpinButton range changing the value) closed by axel


15:37 Ticket #1113 (install gtk2hs- on flash drive w/ ghc-6.8.2?) closed by axel
invalid: I'll close this in the hope that cabal has fixed any issues with this.


16:47 Ticket #1177 (mozEmbedLoadUrl works but mozEmbedRenderData doesn't) closed by axel
wontfix: We don't support mozembed anymore.
16:40 Ticket #1170 (Missing example in gtkglext documentation) closed by axel
fixed: I'll close this bug for now. Not because we've added documentation but …
16:38 Ticket #1168 (testembedmoz segfaults) closed by axel
wontfix: I have no idea. Since we've moved mozembed out of Gtk2Hs and deprecated it …
16:18 Ticket #1172 (Some demos do not close properly on "Close") closed by axel
fixed: I hope we fixed all demos now.
16:10 Ticket #1166 (Hyperlink of TreeModelClass links to deprecated *.TreeList.* modules) closed by axel
fixed: I've fixed this when I removed the deprecated modules :-)
15:45 Ticket #1176 (gnome-keyring bindings) closed by axel
wontfix: See http://hackage.haskell.org/package/gnome-keyring.
15:16 Ticket #1190 (cabalized gtk fails to install on Windows) closed by axel
fixed: Fixed. Bad Unicode character.
15:16 Ticket #1186 (drawWindowScroll not exported in DrawWindow.chs.pp) closed by axel
fixed: It probably was. Fixed.
15:15 Ticket #1194 (null passed to makeNewGObject in handler for setFocusChild) closed by axel
fixed: Patch applied, thanks! This will break the API but I'm hesitant to keep …
14:58 Ticket #801 (Swap the arguments to add timeoutAdd) closed by axel
14:07 Ticket #1192 (GLib-CRITICAL **: g_timeout_add_full: assertion `function != NULL' failed) closed by axel
wontfix: Ok. That's sad. But if there is no workaround then there's little we can …
14:00 Ticket #1173 (imageSurfaceCreateFromPNG should be in API) closed by axel
fixed: Done, thanks.
13:59 Ticket #1171 (Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView.TreeStore.insertForest not exported) closed by axel
fixed: Done, thanks!
12:55 Ticket #1178 (Missing libgthread-2.0-0.dll on install) closed by axel
invalid: This file should be part of your Gtk+ installation. It is required for the …
12:49 Ticket #1183 (Segfault in ghci 6.12.1) closed by axel
fixed: This is a bug in ghci on x86-64 in that global variables are not resolved …


19:27 Ticket #1194 (null passed to makeNewGObject in handler for setFocusChild) created by guest
The following code crashes with Crash: user error (makeNewGObject: …


14:05 Ticket #1193 (Xinput Extension device) created by guest
Can Gtk2hs support XInput Extension device such as wacom tablet? When …
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