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20:50 Ticket #1228 (cairo performance is very bad) created by guest
I first generate 100,000 random lines. Drawing them with the cairo …


14:55 Ticket #1227 (pango fails to build, requires gtk2hs-buildtools) created by guest
On a relatively clean linux system, pango failed to build with …


16:40 Ticket #1226 (castToSpinner not available) created by guest
I'm using Glade and I want a spinner in a UI. But castToSpinner doesn't …


00:27 Ticket #1225 (Gtk accelerators not working when compiling with -threaded) created by guest
It seems as if compiling a threaded gtk program breaks the …


07:16 Ticket #1224 (Why not upload the newest code in darcs repos to hackage?) created by guest
When I build webkit from hackage, it fails and report cannot find …
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