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20:44 Ticket #1285 (widgetQueueDraw leaking memory on Windows) created by guest
On Windows (7, 32bits and 64bits) this simple program will leak memory …


02:43 Ticket #1174 (Document Double-Click events in EventM) closed by dmwit
invalid: The buttonPressEvent operates in the EventM EButton monad, which the …


07:27 Ticket #1215 (No way of getting details from EAny) closed by dmwit
invalid: The EventM is very restrictive by design; the …
07:14 Ticket #1207 (webkit build error) closed by dmwit
07:12 Ticket #1242 (build failure in gio-0.12.2 (GHC 7.3)) closed by dmwit
07:12 Ticket #1239 (build errors with gtk 2.14) closed by dmwit
fixed: The first suggestion has been implemented. The second won't be, as the …


17:06 Ticket #1243 (Program crash on popupShownNotify) closed by dmwit
fixed: The property notification system has been completely overhauled, and this …


22:43 Ticket #1247 (Eq context missing in Graphics/Rendering/Cairo/Types.chs in cairo 0.12.2) closed by dmwit


18:41 Ticket #1232 (Segmentation fault using System.GIO.File.File.File) closed by dmwit
invalid: You must call System.Glib.GType.glibTypeInit before using anything that …
18:35 Ticket #1228 (cairo performance is very bad) closed by dmwit
fixed: Per the discussion on the mailing list, all the conversion functions are …
05:56 Ticket #1248 (Fails to install because of missing dependencies) closed by dmwit
invalid: The alex and happy executables are listed as requirements in the …
05:52 Ticket #1195 (glib should depend on gtk2hs-buildtools) closed by dmwit
invalid: There's not much we can do about this. We've modified the error message to …
05:48 Ticket #1216 (gtk2hs main page 404) closed by dmwit
fixed: This seems to be working now. Dunno what's changed, but thanks for the …
05:47 Ticket #1219 (gtk fails to build - ghc: out of memory) closed by dmwit
05:45 Ticket #1227 (pango fails to build, requires gtk2hs-buildtools) closed by dmwit
invalid: Unfortunately, since gtk2hs-buildtools doesn't install a library, it's not …


01:27 Ticket #1252 (Source View: sourceViewLineMarkActivated and sourceGutterCellActivated ...) closed by dmwit
fixed: applied, thanks
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