Ticket #101: log.configure

File log.configure, 6.3 kB (added by maeder, 8 years ago)
1/home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc --numeric-version
2looking for package tool: ghc-pkg near compiler in /home/linux-bkb/bin
3found package tool in /home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc-pkg
4/home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc-pkg --version
5/home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc --supported-languages
6Reading installed packages...
7/home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc-pkg dump --global
8/home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc-pkg dump --user
9Reading available packages...
10Resolving dependencies...
11selecting Hets-0.94 (hackage)
12selecting HAIFA-0.12 (installed) and discarding HTTP-4000.0.4
13selecting HTTP-3001.1.4 (installed)
14selecting HUnit- (installed)
15selecting array- (installed)
16selecting bytestring- (installed)
17selecting containers- (installed)
18selecting curl-1.3.4 (installed)
19selecting dataenc-0.12 (installed)
20selecting directory- (installed)
21selecting fgl- (installed)
22selecting filepath- (installed)
23selecting ghc-prim- (installed)
24selecting haskell98- (installed)
25selecting html- (installed)
26selecting hxt-8.2.0 (installed)
27selecting hxt-filter-8.2.0 (installed)
28selecting integer- (installed)
29selecting mtl- (installed)
30selecting network-2.2.1 (installed)
31selecting old-locale- (installed)
32selecting old-time- (installed)
33selecting packedstring- (installed)
34selecting parallel- (installed)
35selecting parsec- (installed)
36selecting pretty- (installed)
37selecting process- (installed)
38selecting random- (installed)
39selecting regex-base- (installed)
40selecting regex-compat- (installed)
41selecting regex-posix- (installed)
42selecting rts-1.0 (installed)
43selecting syb- (installed)
44selecting syb-generics-2.9 (installed)
45selecting tagsoup-0.6 (installed)
46selecting template-haskell- (installed)
47selecting time- (installed)
48selecting uni-events-2.0 (installed)
49selecting uni-graphs-2.0 (installed)
50selecting uni-htk-2.0 (installed)
51selecting uni-posixutil-2.0 (installed)
52selecting uni-reactor-2.0 (installed)
53selecting uni-uDrawGraph-2.0 (installed)
54selecting uni-util-2.0 (installed)
55selecting unix- (installed)
56selecting xml-1.3.3 (installed)
57selecting base- (installed) and (installed)
58Configuring Hets-0.94...
59Flags chosen: gtkglade=False, hxtfilter=True, shellac=False, tar=False,
60tabular=False, programatica=False, haxml=False, uniform=True
61Dependency HAIFA >=0.11 && ==0.12: using HAIFA-0.12
62Dependency array >= && == using array-
63Dependency base >= && == using base-
64Dependency containers >= && == using containers-
65Dependency directory >= && == using directory-
66Dependency fgl >= && == using fgl-
67Dependency filepath -any && == using filepath-
68Dependency ghc-prim -any && == using ghc-prim-
69Dependency haskell98 >= && == using haskell98-
70Dependency hxt >=8.0.0 && ==8.2.0: using hxt-8.2.0
71Dependency hxt-filter >=8.0.0 && ==8.2.0: using hxt-filter-8.2.0
72Dependency mtl >= && == using mtl-
73Dependency network >= && ==2.2.1: using network-2.2.1
74Dependency old-time >= && == using old-time-
75Dependency parsec >= && == using parsec-
76Dependency pretty >= && == using pretty-
77Dependency process >= && == using process-
78Dependency regex-compat >= && == using regex-compat-
79Dependency syb-generics ==2.9 && ==2.9: using syb-generics-2.9
80Dependency time >= && == using time-
81Dependency uni-events -any && ==2.0: using uni-events-2.0
82Dependency uni-graphs >=2.0 && <=3.0 && ==2.0: using uni-graphs-2.0
83Dependency uni-htk >=2.0 && <=3.0 && ==2.0: using uni-htk-2.0
84Dependency uni-posixutil -any && ==2.0: using uni-posixutil-2.0
85Dependency uni-reactor -any && ==2.0: using uni-reactor-2.0
86Dependency uni-uDrawGraph >=2.0 && <=3.0 && ==2.0: using uni-uDrawGraph-2.0
87Dependency uni-util >=2.0 && <=3.0 && ==2.0: using uni-util-2.0
88Dependency xml >=1.3 && <=1.4 && ==1.3.3: using xml-1.3.3
89Using Cabal- compiled by ghc-6.10
90Using compiler: ghc-6.10.2
91Using install prefix: /home/maeder/.cabal
92Binaries installed in: /home/maeder/.cabal/bin
93Libraries installed in: /home/maeder/.cabal/lib/Hets-0.94/ghc-6.10.2
94Private binaries installed in: /home/maeder/.cabal/libexec
95Data files installed in: /home/maeder/.cabal/share/Hets-0.94
96Documentation installed in: /home/maeder/.cabal/share/doc/Hets-0.94
97Using alex version 2.2 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/alex
98Using ar found on system at: /usr/bin/ar
99No c2hs found
100Using cpphs version 1.6 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/cpphs
101Using ffihugs found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/ffihugs
102Using gcc version 4.2.1 found on system at: /usr/local/bin/gcc
103Using ghc version 6.10.2 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc
104Using ghc-pkg version 6.10.2 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/ghc-pkg
105No greencard found
106Using haddock version 2.4.2 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/haddock
107Using happy version 1.17 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/happy
108Using hmake version 3.10 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/hmake
109Using hsc2hs version 0.67 found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/hsc2hs
110No hscolour found
111Using hugs found on system at: /home/linux-bkb/bin/hugs
112No jhc found
113Using ld found on system at: /usr/bin/ld
114No nhc98 found
115Using pkg-config version 0.21 found on system at: /usr/bin/pkg-config
116Using ranlib found on system at: /usr/bin/ranlib
117Using strip found on system at: /usr/bin/strip
118Using tar found on system at: /bin/tar
119/usr/local/bin/gcc /tmp/27966.c -o /tmp/27966 -D__GLASGOW_HASKELL__=610 -I. -DUNI_PACKAGE -DHXTFILTER -DCASLEXTENSIONS -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/time- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/process- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/directory- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/unix- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/old-time- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/bytestring- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/network-2.2.1/include -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/base- -I/home/linux-bkb/ghc/ghc-6.10.2/lib/ghc-6.10.2/include