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#263 --hoogle drops module qualifier in instances new defect major
#264 Link from big module list to package new enhancement major
#266 add a --show=MODULE and/or --ignore-hide to complement --hide=MODULE new enhancement major
#268 Constraints block doesn't wrap lines new defect major
#272 Optionally render fully-qualified names new enhancement minor
#273 Broken source links in class methods new defect major
#274 Frames broken when using separate contents page new defect major
#278 Nested lists/paragraphs are not relative new defect major
#279 Copyright holders all shown on one line new defect minor
#280 Wrong behaviour for multi-line fields not placed at the very beginning new defect major
#285 How about add response file support for long command line argument list assigned Fūzetsu enhancement major
#287 Ambiguous fixity annotation when only a single operator out of a grouped type signature inside a class definition has a fixity annotation new defect minor
#288 Suboptimal display of poly-kinded data family instances involving type variables new defect minor
#290 Work on the module re-export stuff new defect major
#295 haddock consumes too much memory assigned Fūzetsu defect major
#296 Show where instances are coming from new enhancement major
#297 Generate docs for orphan instances in the module where they are defined new enhancement major
#299 Add links to source code of typeclass instances implementations new enhancement minor
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