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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#290 Work on the module re-export stuff new defect major
#280 Wrong behaviour for multi-line fields not placed at the very beginning new defect major
#266 add a --show=MODULE and/or --ignore-hide to complement --hide=MODULE new enhancement major
#115 allow putting support files in a relative subdir new enhancement major --
#251 don't output warning about missing rts package every time haddock generates docs new defect major
#86 don't show leading foralls in type signatures new -- enhancement minor
#3 feature request: record types with partially exported fields assigned Fūzetsu enhancement major 2.15.0
#295 haddock consumes too much memory assigned Fūzetsu defect major
#171 haddock fails to parse {- # ... #-} (note the space) pragma assigned Fūzetsu defect minor --
#207 haddock: internal error: spliceURL UnhelpfulSpan new defect major --
#54 how to handle packages with add-on instances? new enhancement minor
#214 html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested new defect trivial --
#151 long lines in the synopsis new defect major --
#147 missing line breaks in functions types without comments assigned MtnViewMark defect minor
#225 no documentation for re-exported renamed modules new defect major
#221 references to identifiers are not recognized in emphasized text assigned SimonHengel defect major --
#148 synopsis tab is too wide (so that it cannot be closed) assigned MtnViewMark defect minor
#215 vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2 new enhancement minor --
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