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#155 Infix constraints are printed prefixed new enhancement minor 2.7.2
#178 Haddock 2.4.2 fails to parse TemplateHaskell modules on x86_64 due to recent binutils new defect minor -- 2.4.2
#179 Reusing named chunks in other modules new enhancement minor -- 2.9.2
#191 Incorrect handling of character references new defect minor -- 2.9.4
#200 Latex backend issues new defect minor
#215 vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2 new enhancement minor -- 2.11.0
#219 No links from packages back to Haddock index new enhancement minor -- 2.9.4
#237 Link to non-imported lowercase name generates a type link instead of a data link new defect minor 2.14.0
#249 Double-clicking on a function name also selects "Source" on the right hand side new defect minor 2.11.0
#261 Add type signatures to index overview new enhancement minor 2.11.0
#262 Links to anchors have confusing labels new defect minor 2.11.0
#272 Optionally render fully-qualified names new enhancement minor
#279 Copyright holders all shown on one line new defect minor 2.14.0
#287 Ambiguous fixity annotation when only a single operator out of a grouped type signature inside a class definition has a fixity annotation new defect minor 2.14.0
#288 Suboptimal display of poly-kinded data family instances involving type variables new defect minor 2.14.1
#299 Add links to source code of typeclass instances implementations new enhancement minor
#6 There should be a --maintainer flag new enhancement trivial
#214 html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested new defect trivial -- 2.14.0
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