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#185 Allow attaching new docs to functions that are re-exported enhancement new 11/05/11
#193 Links to sections enhancement new 02/05/12
#206 Add markup support for properties enhancement new 06/13/12
#212 Investigate unexpected change with (Monad (Either e)) task new 09/21/12
#92 Source links not aligned properly in Google Chrome defect new 02/25/09
#121 Support export of modules using their "as" name defect new 11/04/09
#149 Long instance declarations are breaking layout. defect new 09/07/10
#171 haddock fails to parse {- # ... #-} (note the space) pragma defect Fūzetsu assigned 03/15/11
#178 Haddock 2.4.2 fails to parse TemplateHaskell modules on x86_64 due to recent binutils defect new 08/17/11
#189 Incorrect or at least misleading output with PolyKinds + TypeOperators defect haasn assigned 11/25/11
#191 Incorrect handling of character references defect new 01/09/12
#82 Comments inside record field types enhancement new 02/06/09
#88 Sections in the midst of algebraic datatype definitions enhancement new 02/09/09
#91 Complexity annotations enhancement None new 02/21/09
#179 Reusing named chunks in other modules enhancement new 09/12/11
#215 vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2 enhancement new 09/29/12
#219 No links from packages back to Haddock index enhancement new 10/10/12
#214 html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested defect new 09/29/12
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