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Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#70 'Contents' improvements based on Python's docs enhancement new 01/10/09
#80 No way to express docstrings in Template Haskell defect new 02/04/09
#82 Comments inside record field types enhancement new 02/06/09
#88 Sections in the midst of algebraic datatype definitions enhancement new 02/09/09
#91 Complexity annotations enhancement None new 02/21/09
#92 Source links not aligned properly in Google Chrome defect new 02/25/09
#97 Reusable named chunks of documentation for declarations enhancement new 03/09/09
#114 Make the frames version a separate output mode enhancement new 07/07/09
#115 allow putting support files in a relative subdir enhancement new 07/07/09
#121 Support export of modules using their "as" name defect new 11/04/09
#138 Malformed or missing comments in files with #line directive defect new 07/08/10
#144 Allow -- ^ comment on record constructor enhancement new 09/01/10
#145 Type class instances: link to source enhancement new 09/06/10
#149 Long instance declarations are breaking layout. defect new 09/07/10
#151 long lines in the synopsis defect new 09/16/10
#154 Comments on associated types enhancement new 10/03/10
#157 Push/improve Haddock API and .haddock files usage defect new 11/04/10
#158 Quasiquotation breaks Haddock/GHCi defect new 11/10/10
#160 LaTeX output improvements enhancement new 11/19/10
#164 Hyperlinked identifiers are not made for identifiers from other exported modules defect new 11/30/10
#166 Missing identifier in Haddock defect new 12/16/10
#168 Hoogle backend attaches [incoherent] to instance documentation defect new 12/22/10
#171 haddock fails to parse {- # ... #-} (note the space) pragma defect Fūzetsu assigned 03/15/11
#174 Haddock should hide hidden fields of re-exported modules defect new 04/11/11
#178 Haddock 2.4.2 fails to parse TemplateHaskell modules on x86_64 due to recent binutils defect new 08/17/11
#179 Reusing named chunks in other modules enhancement new 09/12/11
#185 Allow attaching new docs to functions that are re-exported enhancement new 11/05/11
#187 With TH, when doing "cabal haddock", GHCi "couldn't find symbol" defect new 11/13/11
#189 Incorrect or at least misleading output with PolyKinds + TypeOperators defect haasn assigned 11/25/11
#191 Incorrect handling of character references defect new 01/09/12
#193 Links to sections enhancement new 02/05/12
#206 Add markup support for properties enhancement new 06/13/12
#207 haddock: internal error: spliceURL UnhelpfulSpan defect new 06/18/12
#208 Pattern match failure when processing code using kind variables defect new 06/22/12
#209 Failure in "renameType" when dealing with Template Haskell and tuples defect new 07/22/12
#211 () is not hyperlinked anymore defect new 09/21/12
#212 Investigate unexpected change with (Monad (Either e)) task new 09/21/12
#214 html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested defect new 09/29/12
#215 vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2 enhancement new 09/29/12
#219 No links from packages back to Haddock index enhancement new 10/10/12
#221 references to identifiers are not recognized in emphasized text defect SimonHengel assigned 10/14/12
#223 Deprecation messages for re-eported items from other packages get lost defect new 10/15/12

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Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#6 There should be a --maintainer flag enhancement new 06/19/08
#12 Haddock comments needs to be separated by semi-colons when explicit layout is used defect new 06/19/08
#14 Add a link to the documentation home of a re-exported entity enhancement new 06/19/08
#16 Mentioning a qualified identifer in doc loses the qualifier defect new 06/19/08
#17 A module re-export should only reference the target module if all of it is imported defect new 06/19/08
#21 Add some way to refer explicitly to either a type/class constructor or a data constructor enhancement new 06/25/08
#22 Optionally show qualifications of identifiers enhancement new 06/25/08
#23 Documentation of arguments of type constructors other than 'top level' arrows enhancement new 06/25/08
#25 Indicate changed between versions in the documentation enhancement new 06/25/08
#26 Something equivalent to JavaDoc's @since enhancement new 06/25/08
#28 Support structure (section headings, etc) in the description and possibly in other comments enhancement new 06/27/08
#30 Comments on default method declarations enhancement new 06/27/08
#31 Comments on components of a tuple, for argument or return types. enhancement new 06/27/08
#32 Allow documentation annotations to explicitly name the entity they refer to enhancement new 06/27/08
#33 In the contents page, indicate portability/stability of each module somehow enhancement new 06/27/08
#34 Add back-references from the definition to the uses of types/classes enhancement new 06/27/08
#35 Show fixities in the documentation enhancement new 06/27/08
#36 Include file revision info in module headers enhancement new 06/27/08
#39 Allow more parts of the documentation to be squashed and expanded enhancement new 06/27/08
#40 For a constructor, don't fill its entire cell with a grey background. enhancement new 06/27/08
#41 Perhaps switch to longer rendering form for datatypes when necessary enhancement new 06/27/08
#42 Remove extra whitespace from the generated HTML to save space enhancement new 06/27/08
#54 how to handle packages with add-on instances? enhancement new 08/23/08
#60 Parser fails on same-line documentation defect new 10/08/08
#86 don't show leading foralls in type signatures enhancement None new 02/09/09
#95 Haddock comments on constructor arguments enhancement new 03/01/09
#110 Allow grouping of functions with a corresponding data type defect new 06/21/09
#117 Data constructors printed prefix, when symbolic (begin-with-a-colon), should be parenthesized defect new 07/20/09
#123 Comments on instance methods enhancement new 11/24/09
#124 Auto-generated comments on derived/TH-generated instances enhancement new 11/24/09
#129 Missing parenthesis around infix GADT constructors defect new 01/26/10
#130 Better handling of links to cross-package documentation enhancement new 01/28/10
#134 Hyperlink identifiers in examples and code blocks enhancement new 04/06/10
#141 Hyperlinking does not work for =: or #! defect Fūzetsu assigned 08/10/10
#147 missing line breaks in functions types without comments defect MtnViewMark assigned 09/06/10
#148 synopsis tab is too wide (so that it cannot be closed) defect MtnViewMark assigned 09/06/10
#155 Infix constraints are printed prefixed enhancement new 10/04/10
#200 Latex backend issues defect new 04/01/12
#225 no documentation for re-exported renamed modules defect new 11/01/12
#226 Add a mechanism to prune deprecated things defect new 11/04/12
#233 Haddock crashes "internal error: renameType" defect new 01/01/13
#234 Including documentation in the export list breaks headings defect new 01/04/13
#237 Link to non-imported lowercase name generates a type link instead of a data link defect new 01/28/13
#239 Named chunk before imports causes error also if it is placed before module declaration. defect new 02/06/13
#241 Ugly definition lists defect Fūzetsu assigned 03/02/13
#243 Add markup parsing to the Haddock API enhancement Fūzetsu assigned 03/25/13
#244 Add Markdown support enhancement new 03/29/13
#249 Double-clicking on a function name also selects "Source" on the right hand side defect new 06/11/13
#251 don't output warning about missing rts package every time haddock generates docs defect new 07/25/13
#255 Rework the test method to prevent failing tests due to interface file version changes. defect Fūzetsu assigned 09/01/13
#259 Hoogle backend drops documentation for type class fields. defect Fūzetsu new 09/10/13
#261 Add type signatures to index overview enhancement new 09/10/13
#262 Links to anchors have confusing labels defect new 09/17/13
#263 --hoogle drops module qualifier in instances defect new 09/21/13
#264 Link from big module list to package enhancement new 09/23/13
#266 add a --show=MODULE and/or --ignore-hide to complement --hide=MODULE enhancement new 10/06/13
#268 Constraints block doesn't wrap lines defect new 10/26/13
#272 Optionally render fully-qualified names enhancement new 01/10/14
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