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#1 internal Haddock or GHC error on some packages fixed defect major somebody 09/25/12
#2 Haddock barfs if used to build GHC fixed defect critical somebody 09/25/12
#9 Parser doesn't support doc comments on type aliases fixed defect critical 09/25/12
#11 Top-level Haddock comments must follow the layout of declarations invalid defect major 09/25/12
#13 Module references in doc strings are always assumed to be in the current package fixed defect major 09/25/12
#18 Haddock build failure under GHC-6.8.3 fixed defect major 09/25/12
#44 Type signatures lose parentheses fixed defect major 09/25/12
#45 Opera doesn't like url-encoding in <a name> fixed defect major 09/25/12
#50 Non-recognised declarations can "get in the way" of Haddock comments being recognised fixed defect major 09/25/12
#53 DocPic is not handled in Haddock.Interface.Rename.renameDoc and other places fixed defect major 09/25/12
#57 haddock doubles ^Ms fixed defect major 09/25/12
#58 internal Haddock or GHC error with --source-entity arg fixed defect major 09/25/12
#59 Template Haskell generated declarations problematic fixed defect major 09/25/12
#62 Haddock forgets that modules are hidden fixed defect major 09/25/12
#64 Invalid syntax generated for arrow functions fixed defect major 09/25/12
#66 Haddock doesn't like quasi-quotation fixed defect major 09/25/12
#67 Type signature list skips some functions fixed defect major 09/25/12
#68 Internal error when splicing Template Haskell code fixed defect major 09/25/12
#69 Errors with class members fixed defect major 09/25/12
#70 'Contents' improvements based on Python's docs None enhancement major 09/25/12
#71 Derive portability information from pragmas fixed enhancement minor 01/17/14
#73 file name does not match module name `Main' notenoughinfo defect trivial 03/31/14
#74 commenting data constructors of GADTs doesn’t work duplicate defect major 09/25/12
#75 hyperlinking doesn’t work for type operators fixed defect major 09/25/12
#76 Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented wontfix defect minor waern 10/15/12
#77 Undocumented names not linked to their modules in the index fixed defect major 09/25/12
#78 Quoting full qualified names to refer to entities that are not in scope don't work. fixed defect major 09/25/12
#79 Source links don't work for things defined using Template Haskell fixed defect major 03/09/14
#80 No way to express docstrings in Template Haskell None defect major 09/25/12
#81 cross-package linking to modules doesn’t work duplicate defect major None 09/25/12
#82 Comments inside record field types None enhancement minor 09/25/12
#83 Better parse error messages when parsing the contents of Haddock comments fixed enhancement major None 02/19/14
#84 Document << picure-URL >> syntax fixed defect minor Fūzetsu 01/13/14
#87 type signatures look funky when generated by Template Haskell fixed defect major 09/25/12
#88 Sections in the midst of algebraic datatype definitions None enhancement minor 09/25/12
#89 character references are not recognized in emphasized text fixed defect major SimonHengel 03/31/14
#90 "-- ^" form docstrings after a -> wontfix enhancement major 09/25/12
#91 Complexity annotations None enhancement minor None 09/25/12
#92 Source links not aligned properly in Google Chrome None defect minor 09/25/12
#93 Move lexing and parsing of doc strings into Haddock fixed refactoring major 09/25/12
#96 .haddock files not platform independent fixed defect major 09/25/12
#97 Reusable named chunks of documentation for declarations None enhancement major 09/25/12
#98 haddock 2.4.2 crashes when documenting encoding-0.5.1 duplicate defect minor 09/25/12
#99 Option to turn off warnings invalid enhancement minor 09/25/12
#100 Haddock dies with Maybe.fromJust: Nothing when using template haskell duplicate defect major 09/25/12
#101 haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow wontfix defect major 02/19/14
#102 haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow duplicate defect major 09/25/12
#103 Append characters that immediately follow a linked name to the links name wontfix enhancement minor SimonHengel 09/25/12
#104 Option --odir=DIR yields an error if the directory DIR does not exit fixed defect major 09/25/12
#105 Problem with URL fragments containing ':' in Opera. fixed enhancement trivial 09/25/12
#106 Searchable index is too slow fixed defect major 09/25/12
#107 Haddock do not generate doc for reexported name invalid defect major 09/25/12
#108 Output semantically correct HTML fixed defect major MtnViewMark 09/25/12
#109 Haddock : parse error on input `{-# UNPACK' invalid defect major 09/25/12
#111 ghc 6.10.3 -> ambiguous reference to funTyConName invalid defect major 09/25/12
#112 references to names with '#' in them do not work in markup fixed defect major 09/25/12
#113 Duplicate anchors invalid defect major 09/25/12
#114 Make the frames version a separate output mode None enhancement major 09/25/12
#115 allow putting support files in a relative subdir None enhancement major 09/25/12
#118 parsing of multiple URLs (greedy matching?) fixed defect major 09/25/12
#119 empty lines in a do block duplicate defect major 09/25/12
#120 empty lines in a do block duplicate defect major 09/25/12
#121 Support export of modules using their "as" name None defect minor 09/25/12
#122 two URLs on one line will be parsed as one long URL with >< characters in fixed defect minor 07/20/13
#125 Use nice unicode symbols for keywords fixed enhancement minor 09/05/13
#128 The documentation of function arguments is not rendered correctly fixed defect major 09/25/12
#132 Illegal character in HTML ID attribute fixed defect minor 09/25/12
#135 haddock stomps on existing .o and .hi files, breaking package builds fixed defect major 09/25/12
#136 Missing parentheses in detailed description of higher-order function duplicate defect minor 09/25/12
#137 Cannot place -- ^ comment after GADT constructor duplicate defect major 10/10/12
#138 Malformed or missing comments in files with #line directive None defect major 09/25/12
#139 Fully qualified inter-module links don't work. fixed defect major 09/25/12
#140 Support for doctest style usage blocks fixed enhancement major 09/25/12
#142 Special handling of URLs in documentation wontfix enhancement minor SimonHengel 09/25/12
#144 Allow -- ^ comment on record constructor None enhancement major 02/25/14
#145 Type class instances: link to source None enhancement major 10/18/12
#149 Long instance declarations are breaking layout. None defect minor 09/25/12
#150 no valid XHTML: id attributes require a name as value not a number fixed defect trivial MtnViewMark 09/25/12
#151 long lines in the synopsis None defect major 09/25/12
#153 Documentation of non-exported symbols is smashed into next exported symbol doc fixed defect major 09/25/12
#154 Comments on associated types None enhancement major 09/21/13
#157 Push/improve Haddock API and .haddock files usage None defect major 09/25/12
#158 Quasiquotation breaks Haddock/GHCi None defect major 09/25/12
#159 Allow documentation for each data type constructor field duplicate enhancement major 09/25/12
#160 LaTeX output improvements None enhancement major 09/25/12
#161 Nested {- -} comments in code examples invalid defect major 07/20/13
#162 Unable to use single quote immediately after hyperlinked identifiers fixed defect major SimonHengel 07/20/13
#163 Hyperlinked identifiers in headings are not rendered correctly in contents table worksforme defect major 10/14/12
#164 Hyperlinked identifiers are not made for identifiers from other exported modules None defect major 09/25/12
#165 Parse error on comment before opening brace of record invalid defect minor 01/13/14
#166 Missing identifier in Haddock None defect major 09/25/12
#167 Errors in --hoogle output invalid defect major 09/25/12
#168 Hoogle backend attaches [incoherent] to instance documentation None defect major 09/10/13
#169 Incorrect dependencies in the cabal file fixed defect trivial 09/25/12
#171 haddock fails to parse {- # ... #-} (note the space) pragma None defect minor Fūzetsu 09/05/13
#172 Please add --interface-version flag to haddock fixed enhancement major 09/25/12
#173 Inappropriately placing headers (-- *) in class declarations results in unhelpful error: "haddock: internal error: unexpected argument to declName" fixed defect minor 09/25/12
#174 Haddock should hide hidden fields of re-exported modules None defect major 09/25/12
#175 Prettier coverage info fixed enhancement trivial 09/25/12
#176 Too slow when indexing type-level fixed defect major 09/25/12
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