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Ticket Status Resolution Type Priority Owner Modified
#277 Description field rendering missing a space in the module list fixed defect minor Fūzetsu 02/10/14
#270 Document module header fields fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 02/10/14
#267 Docs on arguments parsing failures invalid defect major 01/22/14
#250 haddocs fails to parse U+00A0 (aka c2 a0 NO-BREAK SPACE) in @...@ block, but works in '>' (bird track) fixed defect major 01/15/14
#271 `License` output copies `Copyright` output fixed defect major Fūzetsu 01/14/14
#15 The Haddock comment lexer should handle "...." in doc strings fixed defect minor 01/13/14
#126 multi-line emphasis not working wontfix enhancement minor 01/13/14
#27 Nested itemized and enumerated lists fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 01/13/14
#252 Allow markdown inside of emphasis fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 01/13/14
#227 Do not require an empty line between list items fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 01/13/14
#258 Add flag to show undocumented entities in haddock output fixed enhancement major Fūzetsu 09/19/13
#5 Print a warning message when given -optghc instead of --optghc fixed enhancement trivial Fūzetsu 09/19/13
#256 Error when Template Haskell is used and GHC is dynamic fixed defect major Fūzetsu 09/19/13
#231 haddock --compatible-interface-versions fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 09/19/13
#247 Haddock can not generate latex documentation for FFI declarations fixed defect minor Fūzetsu 09/04/13
#253 Bug in linking to functions in a different module fixed defect major Fūzetsu 09/04/13
#218 Firefox dislikes Haddock master index on Windows fixed defect major 08/02/13
#242 internal error: synifyKind fixed defect major 07/25/13
#143 Multi-line emphasis not working duplicate defect minor 07/20/13
#248 haddock-2.13.2 doesn't provide pregenerated files fixed defect minor 06/12/13
#246 Haddock doesn't build with --enable-tests fixed defect major 06/01/13
#20 We don't handle non-ASCII characters in doc comments fixed defect major 04/16/13
#230 haddock 2.13.1 archive misses test files fixed task minor 12/07/12
#133 Long comments at the top of a module worksforme defect major 10/14/12
#37 Hide instances that are "internal" to a module fixed enhancement minor 10/10/12
#38 Add a way to indicate DEPRECATED functions/types/modules fixed enhancement minor SimonHengel 02/04/12
#116 make sure Haddock works with unicode fixed task major 01/15/12
#152 Missing documentation when there is no signature fixed defect major waern 01/02/12
#156 No documentation created without explicit export list invalid defect critical 10/18/10
#146 Source links next to code (but should be right-flushed) fixed defect minor MtnViewMark 09/09/10
#131 Include creation date in documentation wontfix enhancement major 05/10/10
#24 Do something better about re-exported symbols from another package fixed enhancement critical 11/24/09
#29 Comments on instance declarations fixed enhancement critical 11/24/09
#56 Web page out of date fixed task minor 01/10/09
#65 Haddock doesn't generate proper links to sections invalid defect major 11/27/08
#47 Incorrect warnings for SOURCE pragmas fixed defect minor 11/06/08
#48 haddock doesn't support standalone deriving? wontfix defect major 10/22/08
#63 Failure to link to re-exported module from other package duplicate defect major 10/21/08
#61 Re-exported Class definition misses method documentation fixed defect major 10/16/08
#55 Short file causes internal Haddock or GHC error: renameDecl fixed defect major 10/10/08
#52 Haddock Segmentation Fault under Ubuntu 8.04 fixed defect critical 10/10/08
#49 Links with to page anchors don't work in Opera 9.5x duplicate defect minor 09/03/08
#51 Haddock Segmentation Fault under Ubuntu 8.04 duplicate defect critical 08/20/08
#46 ghc-paths won't build (hence Haddock 2.2.0 won't either invalid defect major 08/03/08
#19 Modules without docs don't need both a synopsis and a documentation section fixed defect minor 07/02/08
#4 The user should not have to provide the path to GHC fixed enhancement minor somebody 06/26/08
#8 The docs should mention the module header invalid enhancement minor 06/19/08

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Ticket Status Resolution Type Priority Owner Modified
#70 'Contents' improvements based on Python's docs None enhancement major 09/25/12
#80 No way to express docstrings in Template Haskell None defect major 09/25/12
#97 Reusable named chunks of documentation for declarations None enhancement major 09/25/12
#114 Make the frames version a separate output mode None enhancement major 09/25/12
#115 allow putting support files in a relative subdir None enhancement major 09/25/12
#138 Malformed or missing comments in files with #line directive None defect major 09/25/12
#144 Allow -- ^ comment on record constructor None enhancement major 02/25/14
#145 Type class instances: link to source None enhancement major 10/18/12
#151 long lines in the synopsis None defect major 09/25/12
#154 Comments on associated types None enhancement major 09/21/13
#157 Push/improve Haddock API and .haddock files usage None defect major 09/25/12
#158 Quasiquotation breaks Haddock/GHCi None defect major 09/25/12
#160 LaTeX output improvements None enhancement major 09/25/12
#164 Hyperlinked identifiers are not made for identifiers from other exported modules None defect major 09/25/12
#166 Missing identifier in Haddock None defect major 09/25/12
#168 Hoogle backend attaches [incoherent] to instance documentation None defect major 09/10/13
#174 Haddock should hide hidden fields of re-exported modules None defect major 09/25/12
#185 Allow attaching new docs to functions that are re-exported None enhancement major 09/25/12
#187 With TH, when doing "cabal haddock", GHCi "couldn't find symbol" None defect major 09/08/13
#193 Links to sections None enhancement major 09/25/12
#206 Add markup support for properties None enhancement major 09/25/12
#207 haddock: internal error: spliceURL UnhelpfulSpan None defect major 09/25/12
#208 Pattern match failure when processing code using kind variables None defect major 09/25/12
#209 Failure in "renameType" when dealing with Template Haskell and tuples None defect major 09/25/12
#211 () is not hyperlinked anymore None defect major 01/14/14
#212 Investigate unexpected change with (Monad (Either e)) None task major 01/14/14
#221 references to identifiers are not recognized in emphasized text None defect major SimonHengel 01/14/14
#223 Deprecation messages for re-eported items from other packages get lost None defect major 01/14/14
#82 Comments inside record field types None enhancement minor 09/25/12
#88 Sections in the midst of algebraic datatype definitions None enhancement minor 09/25/12
#91 Complexity annotations None enhancement minor None 09/25/12
#92 Source links not aligned properly in Google Chrome None defect minor 09/25/12
#121 Support export of modules using their "as" name None defect minor 09/25/12
#149 Long instance declarations are breaking layout. None defect minor 09/25/12
#171 haddock fails to parse {- # ... #-} (note the space) pragma None defect minor Fūzetsu 09/05/13
#178 Haddock 2.4.2 fails to parse TemplateHaskell modules on x86_64 due to recent binutils None defect minor 09/25/12
#179 Reusing named chunks in other modules None enhancement minor 09/25/12
#189 Incorrect or at least misleading output with PolyKinds + TypeOperators None defect minor haasn 03/13/14
#191 Incorrect handling of character references None defect minor 09/25/12
#215 vimhelp backend updated for ghc-7.4.2 None enhancement minor 10/14/12
#219 No links from packages back to Haddock index None enhancement minor 10/14/12
#214 html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested None defect trivial 10/14/12
#222 Accept any input when parsing documentation fixed defect major 04/15/14
#188 Haddock reorders multiple declarations on one line fixed defect minor Fūzetsu 04/03/14
#201 Strip one leading blank from each line of a code block, if possible fixed enhancement minor Fūzetsu 03/31/14
#73 file name does not match module name `Main' notenoughinfo defect trivial 03/31/14
#89 character references are not recognized in emphasized text fixed defect major SimonHengel 03/31/14
#79 Source links don't work for things defined using Template Haskell fixed defect major 03/09/14
#195 Duplicate documentation on records fixed defect major Fūzetsu 02/27/14
#180 Should not “succeed” if all installed libraries’ interface files are of the wrong version fixed enhancement trivial 02/19/14
#101 haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow wontfix defect major 02/19/14
#83 Better parse error messages when parsing the contents of Haddock comments fixed enhancement major None 02/19/14
#183 "failed to parse haddock prologue from file" error on module fixed defect minor 02/19/14
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