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html themes are searched even if no html output has been requested

Reported by: lars_e_krueger Owned by:
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Version: 2.14.0 Keywords:


The offending line is

src/Main.hs, line 230 themes <- getThemes libDir flags >>= either bye return

If <libdir>/html does not exists, getDirectoryContents (as called in getDirectoryItems, src/Haddock/Backends/XHtml/Themes.hs) fails with an IOError that is not caught.

Fix: move the line into each case for html output (e.g. after lines 232, 238, 245)

This bug is present in the ghc 7.6, and 7.4.2 branches, hence I attribute it to the 2.12 version.

Severity is rather low. Few users will experience that I assume. One scenario is that you install a package locally without documentation and then generate e.g. latex docu.

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