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Opened 5 years ago

Haddock crashes "internal error: renameType"

Reported by: mikeplus64 Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone:
Version: 2.14.0 Keywords: crash


When generating docs for https://github.com/mikeplus64/record/blob/master/src/Data/Record.hs, haddock crashes:

~/code/projects/record/src/Data> haddock Record.hs -v 3
Creating interfaces...
Haddock coverage:
Checking module Data.Record...
Creating interface...
doc comment parse failed:  See 'alter'
 > [alt|x|] == alter (undefined :: Key x)
doc comment parse failed:  See 'access'.
 > [get|x|] == access (undefined :: Key x)
Warning: Data.Record: Instances of type and data families are not yet supported. Instances of the following families will be filte
red out:
  Wrap, ++
Warning: Couldn't find .haddock for export GHC.TypeLits.Symbol
  43% ( 15 / 35) in 'Data.Record'
Attaching instances...
Building cross-linking environment...
Renaming interfaces...
haddock: internal error: renameType

~/code/projects/record/src/Data> haddock --version
Haddock version 2.12.0, (c) Simon Marlow 2006
Ported to use the GHC API by David Waern 2006-2008

This is installed from Arch Linux's [haskell] repository, which says the version is 2.13.1-2. cabal info haddock also says I have 2.13.1 installed. But I trust haddock --version more so that's the version I used for the ticket. :)

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