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Ugly definition lists

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The HTML produced by definition lists in the comments of class methods is currently displayed rather uglily when styled by ocean.css. For example, the HTML page produced by haddock for following code is displayed (in Firefox, but in other browsers too) as follows:

module Blah (Blah (..)) where
-- | The 'Blah' type class.
class Blah a where
    -- | The 'foo' method. Here is a definition list:
    --     [foo] This is the foo entry of the definition list.
    --     [bar] This is the bar entry of the definition list.
    foo :: a -> a
    -- | The 'bar' method.
    bar :: a -> a

In Firefox:


As you can see, it's quite confused and unreadable. The problem is to do with floats not being cleared properly.

I've made a small change to ocean.css (and am attaching a patch with this change below) that significantly improves how the documentation for the above is displayed. This what it looks like now:



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Changed 4 years ago by Fūzetsu

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Changed 4 years ago by Fūzetsu

While this does fix the definition list problem, it creates spurious white-space elsewhere:

before patch: http://fuuzetsu.co.uk/images/old.png

after patch: http://fuuzetsu.co.uk/images/new.png

Ignore lack of highlighted modifiers, that's just due how I generated it during testing.

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