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Frames broken when using separate contents page

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The frames view for the docs on hackage has been broken since forever. In the past what we've done is just disable the frames view. The other alternative would be to fix it.

The symptom is that the index-frames.html file is missing, and of course that's one of the pages used in a sub-frame (top left).

I think that what is happening is that we call cabal haddock --contents-location=URL which calls haddock with --use-contents=URL, and then haddock does not create index.html (as that's not used) but then also omits the index-frames.html file.

So if that's right then the solution is to adjust the logic so that it only omits generation of index.html and does not omit index-frames.html.

That said, we're not sure we actually want the frames view on hackage, so an alternative feature request is for a --no-frames flag, that excludes that. Currently we have to hack the .js file to not add the frames link.

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Re: no-frames, that's #114 and should be fixed separately.

Thanks for reporting.

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