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haddock: internal error: file://C:\Docu: openBinaryFile: invalid argument (Invalid argument)

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After command

cabal install --flags="embed_data_files" pandoc

cabal-install installs a lot of dependencies with documentation and finally Pandoc; Haddock crashes when trying to install the documentation for Pandoc, the last messages were:

Registering pandoc-

Installed pandoc-

Updating documentation index C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\cabal\doc\index.html

haddock: internal error: file://C:\Docu: openBinaryFile: invalid argument (Invalid argument)

Something similar happened after installing configurator-; the message was:

haddock: internal error: file://C:\Programs\Haskell Platform\2013.2.0.0\l: openBinaryFile: invalid argument (Invalid argument)

It seems that somehow part of the path is lost

OS: Windows XP Haddock 2.13.2 Haskell Platform 2013.2.0.0

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Is this a consistent failure? Do you have access to any other machines to try and replicate it there? If you do manage to replicate it, is there any chance that you could put together a smaller example on which the problem still happens? Does the problem occur if you omit the --flags="embed_data_files"? Does the problem occur if you build pandoc in a local directory and use cabal haddock? For example:

cabal unpack pandoc
cd pandoc-*
cabal configure --flags="embed_data_files"
cabal build
cabal haddock

Normally I'd ask you to try with Haddock HEAD but currently pandoc won't build with a recent GHC (see https://github.com/jgm/pandoc-types/issues/10) but when that gets solved and this problem still persists, it'd be great if you could try with a recent Haddock: you'll get it if you get a recent GHC HEAD compiler; in fact, you could probably fetch the 7.8-rc1.

Thanks for reporting.

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