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Parse Error

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I ran into a parse error, and the documentation told me to report parse errors.

I was trying to add markup to describe the individual elements of a tuple in a type synonym.

--   Region = (floorX, floorY, ceilX, ceilY)
type Region = (Int, -- ^ floorX

... After which it collapsed with the following error:

kron@navi:~/Programming/Haskell/Libraries$ haddock -h -o QuadTree\ Haddock/ QuadTree.hs
Haddock coverage:

QuadTree.hs:227:21: parse error on input `-- ^ floorX'

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The documentation should probably be a bit clearer. There are two types of parse errors (which unhelpfully have the same message).

1. A Haddock comment is in the wrong place, somewhere we don't know what it means.

2. A doc itself can't be parsed.

If it were 2. that you're reporting, then it'd be a bug. What you're reporting is 1. and is something we don't support. You can document the whole tuple like

type Region = (Int, Int, Int, Int) -- ^ doc for fields

The only thing that we allow the user to document each element are fields of records. There are multiple tickets requesting that this be extended to other stuff.

Perhaps we should clear this up in docs.

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