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17:35 Ticket #18 (Haddock build failure under GHC-6.8.3) closed by waern
17:34 Ticket #44 (Type signatures lose parentheses) closed by anonymous
13:57 Ticket #45 (Opera doesn't like url-encoding in <a name>) created by claus
It seems that relative Urls …


04:22 Ticket #44 (Type signatures lose parentheses) created by anonymous
Under certain circumstances syntactically necessary parentheses are …


19:49 Ticket #19 (Modules without docs don't need both a synopsis and a documentation ...) closed by anonymous


22:32 Ticket #43 (Comments on GADT constructors) created by jeanphilippe.bernardy@…
eg. this fails: data I ev w a where Returns :: a -> I ev w a …


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11:59 Ticket #42 (Remove extra whitespace from the generated HTML to save space) created by waern
11:58 Ticket #41 (Perhaps switch to longer rendering form for datatypes when necessary) created by waern
11:57 Ticket #40 (For a constructor, don't fill its entire cell with a grey background.) created by waern
11:57 Ticket #39 (Allow more parts of the documentation to be squashed and expanded) created by waern
11:56 Ticket #38 (Add a way to indicate DEPRECATED functions/types/modules) created by waern
Add a way to indicate DEPRECATED functions/types/modules? Perhaps use the …
11:55 Ticket #37 (Hide instances that are "internal" to a module) created by waern
11:53 Ticket #36 (Include file revision info in module headers) created by waern
11:52 Ticket #35 (Show fixities in the documentation) created by waern
11:51 Ticket #34 (Add back-references from the definition to the uses of types/classes) created by waern
Add back-references from the definition to the uses of types/classes …
11:49 Ticket #33 (In the contents page, indicate portability/stability of each module ...) created by waern
11:48 Ticket #32 (Allow documentation annotations to explicitly name the entity they refer ...) created by waern
11:45 Ticket #31 (Comments on components of a tuple, for argument or return types.) created by waern
11:44 Ticket #30 (Comments on default method declarations) created by waern
suggested by Satnam.
11:43 Ticket #29 (Comments on instance declarations) created by waern
More and more people really want this.
11:43 Ticket #28 (Support structure (section headings, etc) in the description and possibly ...) created by waern
There ought to be a way to include some structure in the "description" …
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21:43 Ticket #4 (The user should not have to provide the path to GHC) closed by waern
fixed: Fixed using the ghc-paths package.
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