and .


14:06 Ticket #58 (internal Haddock or GHC error with --source-entity arg) closed by waern
fixed: I think this was fixed by this patch: […]
12:24 Ticket #74 (commenting data constructors of GADTs doesn’t work) closed by waern
duplicate: Duplicate of #43.


22:22 Ticket #75 (hyperlinking doesn’t work for type operators) created by g9ks157k@…
Say, I have defined a type operator :- like so:[…]
22:19 Ticket #74 (commenting data constructors of GADTs doesn’t work) created by g9ks157k@…
It doesn’t seem to be possible to comment data constructors of a GADT. …


22:48 Ticket #67 (Type signature list skips some functions) closed by waern
18:04 Ticket #73 (file name does not match module name `Main') created by anonymous
At least an orthografical error: dependency graph. Furthermore, i don't …


20:00 Ticket #66 (Haddock doesn't like quasi-quotation) closed by waern
fixed: As a result of improved Template Haskell support, quasi-quotation now …
19:02 Ticket #50 (Non-recognised declarations can "get in the way" of Haddock comments being ...) closed by waern


19:33 Ticket #59 (Template Haskell generated declarations problematic) closed by waern
fixed: Patch applied, thanks!


21:48 Ticket #72 (Wiki-like interface) created by waern
There have been various suggestions about adding a wiki-like interface to …


21:31 Ticket #71 (Derive portability information from pragmas) created by haddock@…
It's too easy to write wrong Portability information in the Portability …


22:00 Ticket #70 ('Contents' improvements based on Python's docs) created by crutcher@…
Contrasting this page: …
21:28 Ticket #56 (Web page out of date) closed by waern
fixed: The web page has been updated for a while now.
19:53 Ticket #68 (Internal error when splicing Template Haskell code) closed by waern
fixed: This has been fixed by this patch: […]
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