and .


14:52 Ticket #97 (Reusable named chunks of documentation for declarations) created by Deewiant
Currently there is no way of using the same piece of Haddock documentation …


17:08 Ticket #96 (.haddock files not platform independent) created by waern
We switched from using our own version of GHC's Binary class to using the …


12:35 Ticket #95 (Haddock comments on constructor arguments) created by waern
We could try to support Haddock comments on individual constructor …
12:13 Ticket #94 (Give a useful warning message instead of a cryptic parse error when ...) created by waern
See this failure when processing XMonad:[…]


15:39 Ticket #57 (haddock doubles ^Ms) closed by waern
fixed: The problem is that doc strings can contain CRLF line endings. Both the …


22:41 Ticket #69 (Errors with class members) closed by waern
fixed: Fixed by this patch:[…]


21:45 Ticket #69 (Errors with class members) reopened by waern
Oops, the patch that I wrote has a bug. We give the warning message in too …
17:09 Ticket #93 (Move lexing and parsing of doc strings into Haddock) created by waern
Currently, GHC does lexing and parsing of doc strings. This was decided so …
16:04 Ticket #92 (Source links not aligned properly in Google Chrome) created by waern
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