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10:32 Ticket #113 (Duplicate anchors) closed by waern
invalid: Ok, closing the ticket.
10:17 Ticket #115 (allow putting support files in a relative subdir) created by duncan
We're adding support in Cabal to maintain an index of all docs installed …
10:07 Ticket #114 (Make the frames version a separate output mode) created by duncan
The frames version of the html haddock output is almost universally …


12:39 Ticket #113 (Duplicate anchors) created by sms
Since Haddock 2.4.2 (?) duplicate anchors are created per function., …


20:21 Ticket #112 (references to names with '#' in them do not work in markup) created by duncan
For example from the ByteString? docs: […]


17:31 Ticket #76 (Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented) reopened by SamB
I think *that* should be documented in the manual. Macros with names of …
14:27 Ticket #104 (Option --odir=DIR yields an error if the directory DIR does not exit) closed by waern
13:33 Ticket #76 (Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented) closed by waern
wontfix: The manual doesn't mention the __HADDOCK__ macro and I don't think it …


23:24 Ticket #90 ("-- ^" form docstrings after a ->) closed by waern
wontfix: Don't think it's necessary to support this.
22:23 Ticket #109 (Haddock : parse error on input `{-# UNPACK') closed by waern
invalid: Comments on constructor arguments is not supported by Haddock. See …
22:21 Ticket #111 (ghc 6.10.3 -> ambiguous reference to funTyConName) closed by waern
invalid: Thanks for the report. This is fixed in 2.4.2. By the way, if you have …
04:11 Ticket #111 (ghc 6.10.3 -> ambiguous reference to funTyConName) created by scooter.phd
MacPorts? claims that it is compiling haddock 2.4.1. The installed ghc is …


22:47 Ticket #110 (Allow grouping of functions with a corresponding data type) created by duncan
Suppose you're refactoring to use smart constructors. So you switch from …
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