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05:20 Ticket #136 (Missing parentheses in detailed description of higher-order function) created by nr
Haddock produces a detailed description of a higher-order function in …


18:24 Ticket #87 (type signatures look funky when generated by Template Haskell) closed by waern
fixed: Looking at the derive ticket, this seems like a derive issue that has been …
11:56 Ticket #112 (references to names with '#' in them do not work in markup) closed by waern
fixed: Fixed by this patch: […]


20:02 Ticket #135 (haddock stomps on existing .o and .hi files, breaking package builds) created by duncan
For packages using TemplateHaskell? haddock generates .o and .hi files. …
01:34 Ticket #118 (parsing of multiple URLs (greedy matching?)) closed by waern
01:04 Ticket #119 (empty lines in a do block) closed by waern
duplicate: The problem here is not the empty line, but the fact that you have a doc …


23:42 Ticket #11 (Top-level Haddock comments must follow the layout of declarations) closed by waern
invalid: This is by design and Haddock 0.9 works the same way. A closing bracket is …
23:14 Ticket #75 (hyperlinking doesn’t work for type operators) closed by waern
22:34 Ticket #93 (Move lexing and parsing of doc strings into Haddock) closed by waern


22:01 Ticket #134 (Hyperlink identifiers in examples and code blocks) created by waern
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