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23:01 Ticket #148 (synopsis tab is too wide (so that it cannot be closed)) created by JohannesWaldmann
if the functions's types contain long lines (see ticket #147), then the …
22:56 Ticket #147 (missing line breaks in functions types without comments) created by JohannesWaldmann
if a function's type contains no embedded annotations, then it is …
22:30 Ticket #146 (Source links next to code (but should be right-flushed)) created by JohannesWaldmann
this looks bad (no space between Bool and Source) null :: OBDD v -> …
09:46 Ticket #145 (Type class instances: link to source) created by MartijnVanSteenbergen
Currently the detailed documentation of a type class lists known instances …


17:12 Ticket #144 (Allow -- ^ comment on record constructor) created by heatsink
This enhancement would add flexibility to the commenting style for record …


17:20 Ticket #143 (Multi-line emphasis not working) created by waern
See tests/golden-tests/tests/Bug3.hs.


23:10 Ticket #142 (Special handling of URLs in documentation) created by KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
It is hard to get URLs like http://example.com right in Haddock …


06:34 Ticket #108 (Output semantically correct HTML) closed by MtnViewMark


10:37 Ticket #141 (Hyperlinking does not work for =: or #!) created by Astra
I'm writing a package which defines the infix operators =:, #! and …


07:48 Ticket #140 (Support for doctest style usage blocks) created by ezyang
A perennial difficulty with code samples that are inline with …


04:05 Ticket #139 (Fully qualified inter-module links don't work.) created by ezyang
If I have a module Foo which wants to refer to Bar but doesn't import it …
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