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21:33 Ticket #194 (Stricter than GHC about newtypes in FFI code) created by nomeata
Hi, this is Haddock version 2.10.0 as shipped with GHC 7.4.1. The …
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15:15 Ticket #175 (Prettier coverage info) closed by waern
fixed: Patch applied a while ago. Thanks!
14:31 Ticket #142 (Special handling of URLs in documentation) closed by waern
wontfix: Simon, I'm with you completely on your conclusion of this. So I'm …


16:27 Ticket #103 (Append characters that immediately follow a linked name to the links name) closed by SimonHengel
wontfix: Something like 'Item's looked really awful with the old css, with …
16:09 Ticket #140 (Support for doctest style usage blocks) closed by SimonHengel
09:55 Ticket #193 (Links to sections) created by SimonHengel
It would be nice if we could link to certain sections withing a …


19:22 Ticket #13 (Module references in doc strings are always assumed to be in the current ...) closed by waern
13:26 Ticket #192 (Condensed type signatures do not play well with headings in the export ...) closed by SimonHengel
13:24 Ticket #38 (Add a way to indicate DEPRECATED functions/types/modules) closed by SimonHengel
13:01 Ticket #186 (invalid xhtml being generated) closed by waern


17:01 Ticket #116 (make sure Haddock works with unicode) closed by waern
fixed: We have another ticket (#20) for Unicode problems in general, and if we …
09:25 Ticket #192 (Condensed type signatures do not play well with headings in the export ...) created by SimonHengel
Say we have a module […]
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