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19:33 Ticket #227 (Do not require an empty line between list items) created by SimonHengel
Currently the following is not accepted as a list:[…]
17:18 Ticket #226 (Add a mechanism to prune deprecated things) created by SimonHengel
Sometimes you want to keep a deprecated function around, but you do not …


18:09 Ticket #225 (no documentation for re-exported renamed modules) created by claude
With a deep module heirarchy and modules re-exporting many modules, I find …


19:47 Ticket #224 (Link to "Source" is not separate by whitespace from preceding content) created by SimonHengel
This is annoying when you try to visually mark/select a word, e.g. if you …


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10:01 Ticket #197 (Haddock chokes when no main module is given using lhs and cabal.) closed by SimonHengel
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #10. Duncan, thanks for the example. I added it …


13:34 Ticket #76 (Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented) closed by SimonHengel
wontfix: I agree that this would be useful. However, I don't know …
09:25 Ticket #223 (Deprecation messages for re-eported items from other packages get lost) created by SimonHengel
00:46 Ticket #222 (Accept any input when parsing documentation) created by SimonHengel
The parser for documentation should never fail. If something is no valid …
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