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11:45 Ticket #218 (Firefox dislikes Haddock master index on Windows) closed by feuerbach
fixed: This has been fixed in Cabal: https://github.com/haskell/cabal/pull/1407


12:13 Ticket #242 (internal error: synifyKind) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed in HEAD by GHC HQ.
10:34 Ticket #251 (don't output warning about missing rts package every time haddock ...) created by juhp
Haddock outputs this warning […]


22:22 Ticket #143 (Multi-line emphasis not working) closed by Fūzetsu
duplicate: Dupe of #126
22:16 Ticket #190 (Extend the syntax of URL hyperlinks so that they can have link texts) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: This has been in stable for months, closing.
21:58 Ticket #162 (Unable to use single quote immediately after hyperlinked identifiers) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Use a backtick instead […]
21:28 Ticket #161 (Nested {- -} comments in code examples) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: This can't possibly work because it's not valid Haskell. The first ‘-}’ …
20:21 Ticket #122 (two URLs on one line will be parsed as one long URL with >< characters in) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: No longer the case (tested on, closing.
11:39 Ticket #250 (haddocs fails to parse U+00A0 (aka c2 a0 NO-BREAK SPACE) in @...@ block, ...) created by slyfox
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