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10:04 Ticket #261 (Add type signatures to index overview) created by quchen
I've recently spent a lot of time in the GHC source and was clicking …
03:02 Ticket #260 (Problems with ImplicitParams/RankNTypes display) created by mhitza
First is the type signature is how it is in my file, the second is how …
00:21 Ticket #259 (Hoogle backend drops documentation for type class fields.) created by Fūzetsu
Originally reported by Neil Mitchel in ticket #168. Input:[…]


08:51 Ticket #258 (Add flag to show undocumented entities in haddock output) created by bjp
I have a library where I aim to have a 100% documentation coverage. While …


04:06 Ticket #125 (Use nice unicode symbols for keywords) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Indeed --use-unicode or -U renders as you would …


20:48 Ticket #253 (Bug in linking to functions in a different module) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed in HEAD.
03:23 Ticket #257 (keep-going flag) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: The new release is (supposed to be) total so Haddock will no longer fail …


16:04 Ticket #257 (keep-going flag) created by nh2
Sometimes haddock fails on a module. That should not necessarily tear …
15:24 Ticket #256 (Error when Template Haskell is used and GHC is dynamic) created by refold
This was [https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/1266 initially reported …


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update link to Git repository (diff)
07:57 Ticket #255 (Rework the test method to prevent failing tests due to interface file ...) created by Fūzetsu
Bumping up the interface version during development to something …


16:39 Ticket #254 (Unexported things are shown as exported) created by NeilMitchell
Given: […]
16:33 Ticket #253 (Bug in linking to functions in a different module) created by NeilMitchell
Given: […]


00:41 Ticket #199 (put space between modul and (short) description) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: Closing after no clarification. I tried to build Hets and failed. I posted …


07:22 Ticket #247 (Haddock can not generate latex documentation for FFI declarations) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed, should be making its way into upstream HEAD soon.
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