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20:51 Ticket #266 (add a --show=MODULE and/or --ignore-hide to complement --hide=MODULE) created by carter
add a --show=MODULE and/or --ignore-hide to complement …


12:52 Ticket #265 (Show minimal complete definitions for classes) created by Lemming
Parse MINIMAL pragmas and provide their content in the …


10:27 Ticket #264 (Link from big module list to package) created by Lemming
Haddock generates a big module list for all modules installed on the …


08:35 Ticket #263 (--hoogle drops module qualifier in instances) created by hvr
For instance, base defines the following two …


12:43 Ticket #258 (Add flag to show undocumented entities in haddock output) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed in HEAD albeit with slightly different format: we print information …
12:41 Ticket #5 (Print a warning message when given -optghc instead of --optghc) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fix in HEAD.
12:40 Ticket #256 (Error when Template Haskell is used and GHC is dynamic) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fix in HEAD.
12:40 Ticket #231 (haddock --compatible-interface-versions) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fix in HEAD.


08:44 Ticket #262 (Links to anchors have confusing labels) created by bit_slayer
At the moment, when you link to an anchor in haddock using something like …


10:04 Ticket #261 (Add type signatures to index overview) created by quchen
I've recently spent a lot of time in the GHC source and was clicking …
03:02 Ticket #260 (Problems with ImplicitParams/RankNTypes display) created by mhitza
First is the type signature is how it is in my file, the second is how …
00:21 Ticket #259 (Hoogle backend drops documentation for type class fields.) created by Fūzetsu
Originally reported by Neil Mitchel in ticket #168. Input:[…]
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