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20:20 Ticket #180 (Should not “succeed” if all installed libraries’ interface files are of ...) closed by Fūzetsu
19:53 Ticket #101 (haddock-2.4.2 shipped with ghc-6.10.2 is extremely slow) closed by Fūzetsu
wontfix: I was unable to confirm with the Hets developers if there's still a …
19:41 Ticket #170 (The synopsis box can become too wide) closed by Fūzetsu
duplicate: See #148
18:58 Ticket #224 (Link to "Source" is not separate by whitespace from preceding content) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: We recently added this space. We have a separate issue for the problem …
18:56 Ticket #7 (The docs should mention the module header) closed by Fūzetsu
18:50 Ticket #83 (Better parse error messages when parsing the contents of Haddock comments) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Considering you should never get parse failures after 2.14.0, this can now …
05:03 Ticket #183 ("failed to parse haddock prologue from file" error on module) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: This problem is now gone, almost certainly due to the new parser. The …
04:08 Ticket #245 (Module copyright and license info not included in XHTML output) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: This was merged in 9 months ago but I think David forgot to close the …


10:28 Ticket #281 (Bullets don't show up in constructor documentation) created by Fūzetsu
Consider […]


19:59 Ticket #280 (Wrong behaviour for multi-line fields not placed at the very beginning) created by Fūzetsu
Consider module header such as […]
19:54 Ticket #279 (Copyright holders all shown on one line) created by Fūzetsu
We now actually show the Copyright field on the module pages. Consider …
19:50 Ticket #278 (Nested lists/paragraphs are not relative) created by Fūzetsu
Consider […] The …


22:41 Ticket #277 (Description field rendering missing a space in the module list) closed by Fūzetsu
21:35 Ticket #270 (Document module header fields) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Done. I'll update the docs on the site soon but for now you can check out …


17:31 Ticket #277 (Description field rendering missing a space in the module list) created by Fūzetsu
Create a simple module like […]
17:02 Ticket #276 (Linking to identifiers in section headers breaks Contents links) created by Fūzetsu
Consider a simple file like the following […]


20:29 Ticket #275 (haddock: internal error: file://C:\Docu: openBinaryFile: invalid argument ...) created by Henk-Jan
After command > cabal install --flags="embed_data_files" …


19:15 Ticket #274 (Frames broken when using separate contents page) created by duncan
The frames view for the docs on hackage has been broken since forever. In …


14:14 Ticket #267 (Docs on arguments parsing failures) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: This would have to be changed in the GHC parser so please file a bug with …
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