and .


18:56 Ticket #297 (Generate docs for orphan instances in the module where they are defined) created by nh2
It often happens that orphan instances are declared in an .Instances
18:53 Ticket #296 (Show where instances are coming from) created by nh2
Haddock puts orphan instances, in whatever module they may be declared, …


21:22 Ticket #188 (Haddock reorders multiple declarations on one line) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed upstream, tests added


19:56 Ticket #284 (Haddock fails with "Module defined in multiple files") closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: I'm going to close as invalid here considering it's not a Haddock bug but …


19:18 Ticket #294 (dbus-0.10.7 triggers internal error: internal: extractDecl) closed by Fūzetsu
18:31 Ticket #201 (Strip one leading blank from each line of a code block, if possible) closed by Fūzetsu
05:43 Ticket #85 (show kind signatures for (gadt) type constructors) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Kind signatures will now print whenever one is present. […]
04:17 Ticket #73 (file name does not match module name `Main') closed by Fūzetsu
04:13 Ticket #89 (character references are not recognized in emphasized text) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Must have missed this ticket. This now works as long as you use the syntax …


14:22 Ticket #295 (haddock consumes too much memory) created by abel
Producing the doc for Agda (260 modules, 70 kloc) takes 2.5g of resident …


11:42 Ticket #294 (dbus-0.10.7 triggers internal error: internal: extractDecl) created by simons
The haddock binary shipped with GHC 7.8.1-rc1 (version 2.14.0) fails with …


16:41 Ticket #292 (Haddock needlessly respects --split-objs GHC option) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Fixed (with small edits) in 725faca5ee670f80359321adc112408880e9c073, …
16:24 Ticket #293 ($ symbol forbidden as line first character in .lhs files in (cabal ...) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: If Haddock recognises it but cabal haddock doesn't then it's a problem …
15:06 Ticket #293 ($ symbol forbidden as line first character in .lhs files in (cabal ...) created by pmeunier
haddock recognizes the following file, but cabal haddock doesn't recognize …
10:13 Ticket #292 (Haddock needlessly respects --split-objs GHC option) created by awson
Haddock needlessly respects --split-objs GHC option (if given) and slows …


18:14 Ticket #291 (Two parse errors?) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: See, #126 for 1), wontfix For 2), you're asking Haddock to insert …
17:51 Ticket #291 (Two parse errors?) created by Kron
The $block parsing seems to be a bit wonky. Or maybe I'm just doing this …


11:24 Ticket #269 (Unexported symbols crawl out to docs) closed by Fūzetsu
duplicate: Duplicate of #174
11:24 Ticket #254 (Unexported things are shown as exported) closed by Fūzetsu
duplicate: Duplicate of #174
11:23 Ticket #232 (Module re-exports are handled incorrectly) closed by Fūzetsu
duplicate: Duplicate of #174
11:22 Ticket #290 (Work on the module re-export stuff) created by Fūzetsu
This is just a ticket to track the state of module re-exports bugs as it …
10:39 Ticket #289 (Parse Error) closed by Fūzetsu
invalid: The documentation should probably be a bit clearer. There are two types of …


22:46 Ticket #289 (Parse Error) created by Kron
I ran into a parse error, and the documentation told me to report parse …


18:26 Ticket #281 (Bullets don't show up in constructor documentation) closed by Fūzetsu
15:31 Ticket #288 (Suboptimal display of poly-kinded data family instances involving type ...) created by haasn
Example source code: (language extensions not included) […]


18:52 WikiStart edited by SimonHengel
18:52 WikiStart edited by SimonHengel
18:46 WikiStart edited by SimonHengel


21:20 Ticket #286 (LANG=C 'cabal haddock' fails) closed by Fūzetsu
20:04 Ticket #265 (Show minimal complete definitions for classes) closed by Fūzetsu
fixed: Upstream.


09:59 Ticket #287 (Ambiguous fixity annotation when only a single operator out of a grouped ...) created by haasn
To reproduce: […]


16:24 Ticket #286 (LANG=C 'cabal haddock' fails) created by slyfox
Cabal- / ghc-7.8.1-rc2 and older ones. Long-standing problem of …


18:06 Ticket #72 (Wiki-like interface) closed by Fūzetsu
wontfix: We have discussed this a bit today and considering that there hasn't been …
07:13 Ticket #79 (Source links don't work for things defined using Template Haskell) closed by Fūzetsu


12:53 Ticket #285 (How about add response file support for long command line argument list) created by srayuws
Here is my origin post for cabal-install …
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