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The Haddock Development Wiki and Bug Tracker

Haddock is a tool for automatically generating documentation from annotated Haskell source code. This is its developer wiki and bug tracker. If you want to help out by adding information to the wiki, or by sending bug reports or requests requests, just register an account and edit away!

Offical Source Code Repository

All official branches of Haddock reside in the following Git repository:

It contains the following branches:

  • ghc-7.6 - Main development branch. Compatible with latest GHC release. If you want to contribute to Haddock, base your work on this branch.
  • master - In synch with development of GHC HEAD. May not compile with latest GHC release. Changes from ghc-7.6 are merged in from time to time.

It may also contains other branches, most often corresponding to other development branches of GHC.

Development Topics


All new code needs tests. Currently we manly use golden tests for testing Haddock (see tests/html-tests/). We also have some unit tests (see tests/unit-tests/), in the future we want more of those.

Golden tests must clearly state what the purpose/scope of the test is. For historical reasons, not all existing tests do so. But it is mandatory for new tests.