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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9 Finish bell implementation new defect minor
#12 Better internal documentation new defect minor
#57 function keys new defect minor
#60 Experiment with Windows PowerShell new defect minor
#63 Multiword UTF-16 code points aren't handled correctly on Windows new defect minor 0.6.*
#65 Unicode input in cygwin shell new defect minor
#74 Haskeline can't link against MacPorts' libiconv new defect major 0.7
#79 Emacs and haskeline (or GHCi) do not interact very well new judah defect minor
#81 haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1 reopened defect major 0.6.*
#89 Use Unicode-compliant case conversion new defect minor
#90 vi mode printable char bindings should not be bound in input mode new defect major
#96 Meta not recognized new defect minor
#114 does not play well with minTTY on windows new defect minor
#118 Haskeline install fails on Windows 7 new defect major
#122 Semicolon to repeat 'f' search in Vi-mode new defect minor
#123 poor interaction with programs that fork or exec new defect major
#125 Missin MonadException instance for lazy StateT new defect minor
#126 Vi mode should not treat Esc b as Meta-b new defect major
#127 Support multi-letter key sequences new defect major
#130 "Thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation" when pressing ctrl+c repeatedly new defect major
#132 MonadTrans instance is not exported new defect major
#133 haskeline segfaults when used in ghci new judah defect major
#141 vi mode spontaneously exits command mode new defect major
#142 vi mode ctrl-w should be same word as 'w' new defect major
#143 Vi mode 's' key behavior incorrect at end of line new defect minor
#144 Incorrect behavior of 's' key with a count in Vi mode new defect major
#2 Allow fallbacks for getting the terminal size on POSIX new enhancement minor
#4 Improve dumb terminal interface new enhancement minor
#6 Add testsuite new enhancement minor
#7 Optimize the terminfo control sequences new enhancement minor
#17 Generate window resize events on Win32 new enhancement minor
#38 More complicated languages new enhancement minor
#45 System-level user preferences new enhancement minor
#59 username completion function new enhancement minor 0.6.*
#68 don't require nl_langinfo(CODESET) new enhancement minor
#77 keypad keys new enhancement minor 0.6.2
#82 Custom key actions written in Haskell new enhancement minor
#93 Add case-insensitive completion option new enhancement minor
#99 Define key bindings in terms of commands rather than other keys assigned judah enhancement major
#112 Multi-line prompt new enhancement minor
#120 Expose Prefs programmatically new enhancement minor
#128 Fuzzy Find for Tab Completion new enhancement major
#129 Color new enhancement major
#1 Support Cygwin new task minor
#64 Write a testing program for encodings new task minor
#67 Clean up Posix monad transformers. new task minor 0.6.*
#69 Check the correct behavior for win32 code pages new task minor 0.6.*
#91 figure out how readline intercepts ctrl-y new task minor
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