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#69 Check the correct behavior for win32 code pages task minor judah
#67 Clean up Posix monad transformers. task minor judah
#153 Home getting concerns - lifestyle Vs location Living enhancement critical 0.2.2 AngelicaQ44
#63 Multiword UTF-16 code points aren't handled correctly on Windows defect minor judah
#151 can I purchase futures Or Real Estate? enhancement major 0.2.2 AveryKroll9261
#159 high-yield Investment options In Us Real Estate Market enhancement minor 0.3 JodiSchlink
#166 significant measures To buy A Home enhancement minor 0.2 LuannSnead365
#59 username completion function enhancement minor judah

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#81 haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1 defect major 0.6 guest
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