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#99 Define key bindings in terms of commands rather than other keys None enhancement 09/15/09

Right now, haskeline defines key bindings in terms of other keys; this is quite confusing compared to other key binding system which define bindings in terms of particular commands.

For instance, if a user wanted meta-j to go back one character, haskeline expects you to define it in terms of ctrl-b rather than a command like backward-char. Furthermore, the current system actually changes the meaning of your bindings depending on which binding style you are using; ctrl-r may suddenly change meaning from "search backwards" to "redo" if you switch from emacs to vi style.

It would be much easier to define a non-trivial ~/.haskeline file like so:

bind: ctrl-r backward-char
bind: ctrl-s forward-char
bind: ctrl-b backward-search
bind: ctrl-f forward-search

...than the current case:

bind: ctrl-r ctrl-b
bind: ctrl-s ctrl-f
bind: ctrl-b ctrl-r
bind: ctrl-f ctrl-s

It is immediately clear what the former is doing, and not at all clear what the latter is. I certainly wouldn't want to puzzle out a ~/.haskeline file with several dozen bindings as the system currently stands.

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