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Opened 3 years ago

"Thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation" when pressing ctrl+c repeatedly

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I have a function for handling ctrl+c that looks like this:

handleCtrlC :: a -> InputT IO a -> InputT IO a
handleCtrlC a b = H.handle (ctrlC a) $ withInterrupt b where
  ctrlC def Interrupt = pure def

This code is used in another line of code that looks like this: "handleCtrlC (Just "Interrupted") $ getInputLine "> ". That code is called repeatedly from a REPL.

When I press ctrl+c repeatedly while this is running, or just hold down the key combination, it eventually freezes up and a few seconds later gives the error "Main: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation".

I'm running Haskeline (which isn't an option in the "version" field - you should probably fix that) on Windows 7.

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