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    1 Thank you for implementing vi line editing—but please also finish the implementation! 
    3 1. libreadline has an extensive set of vi commands that most replacement libraries fail to match. Here are just a few command-mode keys that I notice don't work: 
    5   j - previous line in history[[BR]] 
    6   k - next line in history[[BR]] 
    7   e - end of word[[BR]] 
    8   E - end of bigword[[BR]] 
    9   f - find character[[BR]] 
    10   F - find character (backward)[[BR]] 
    11   t - find character-1[[BR]] 
    12   T - find character-1 (backward)[[BR]] 
    13   D - delete rest of line[[BR]] 
    14   C - change rest of line (delete, then enter insert mode)[[BR]] 
    15   !^ - go to first non-whitespace character in line[[BR]] 
    16   p - paste (pos+1)[[BR]] 
    17   P - paste[[BR]] 
    18   !^D - enter, when line is not empty[[BR]] 
    19   % - jump to matching brace: () {} [][[BR]] 
    20   . - repeat previous command[[BR]] 
    21   X - delete previous character 
    23 2. Using up/down in command mode puts the cursor at the end of the line, whereas readline puts it at the beginning of the line. I'm not sure whether one is more convenient or correct, but UI consistency is more important here and every other program I encounter uses libreadline. 
    25 3. Both vim and libreadline handle 'cw' specially: instead of deleting the sequence of text moved through by the 'w' movement command—the rest of the word and any trailing whitespace—it only deletes the rest of the word. So 'cw'/'ce' and 'cW'/'cE' are synonymous even though 'dw'/'de' and 'dW'/'dE' aren't. 
     1libreadline includes an extensive set of vi commands that most replacement libraries fail to match. I started a wiki page to keep track of the ones I've noticed missing in haskeline: ViModeCompatibility.