and .


20:08 Ticket #25 (Incorporate some 6.10 improvements) created by judah
This is just a reminder that several changes should be made for GHC 6.10 …


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01:04 Ticket #5 (Cache the terminal type) closed by judah


20:58 Ticket #24 (Can't run under wine) created by judah
If the test program is run under Wine, the program says[…]


21:54 Ticket #23 (Add list of features) created by judah
Should add a list of features somewhere in the documentation.
21:54 Ticket #11 (Better documentation) closed by judah


03:40 Ticket #19 (Add Unicode support) closed by judah
fixed: Done enough to claim support for Unicode cross-platform. See #20 and #22
03:38 Ticket #22 (Unicode encodings besides UTF-8 (POSIX)) created by judah
Support encodings besides UTF-8 on POSIX. Probably should use iconv to …


22:39 Ticket #16 (Add Ctrl-C handler to Win32 backend.) closed by judah
fixed: Tested fine.
14:58 Ticket #21 (Add forward history search) created by judah
There's already functionality for reverse incremental history search; I'd …


15:28 Ticket #18 (Printing lines of full width produces extra blank line) closed by judah
14:48 Ticket #15 (Process special characters in key bindings) closed by judah
14:30 Ticket #3 (Get rid of all build warnings) closed by judah
fixed: Done for Win32.
14:24 Ticket #8 (Use existing monad infrastructure) closed by judah
fixed: Done on Win32.


23:04 Ticket #14 (Refactor Commands) closed by anonymous
16:40 Ticket #20 (Unicode filename completion) created by judah
Tab completion of filenames should support Unicode (and maybe other …


06:04 Ticket #19 (Add Unicode support) created by anonymous
Support non-ASCII terminal input/output (such as UTF-8). This should not …


23:06 Ticket #18 (Printing lines of full width produces extra blank line) created by judah
Listing completion alternatives can print extra blank lines if each line …
22:54 Ticket #17 (Generate window resize events on Win32) created by judah
The Win32 backend should handle window resize events. The blocker for …
22:19 Ticket #16 (Add Ctrl-C handler to Win32 backend.) created by judah
Use GHC.ConsoleHandler to add ctrl-c handling to the Win32 backend.
22:18 Ticket #15 (Process special characters in key bindings) created by judah
The Windows backend processes \b and \r into special keys. That doesn't …
22:12 Ticket #14 (Refactor Commands) created by judah
The current system of Command combinators (for keybindings) works, but is …
22:07 Ticket #13 (Complete the key bindings) created by judah
Fill out the key bindings (Vi and Emacs). The main omissions are: - …
22:05 Ticket #12 (Better internal documentation) created by judah
The internal modules could definitely be documented better than they are …
22:04 Ticket #11 (Better documentation) created by judah
Finish writing the Haddock documentation of the public interface.
21:38 Ticket #10 (Custom key bindings) created by judah
Provide a way for users to specify custom key bindings in the .haskeline …
21:33 Ticket #9 (Finish bell implementation) created by judah
Finish the bell implementation: - Get visual/audio bells working on …
20:53 Ticket #8 (Use existing monad infrastructure) created by judah
Haskeline's monadic interface has custom MonadIO and MonadTrans
20:32 Ticket #7 (Optimize the terminfo control sequences) created by judah
It might be worth looking at the control sequences that are being …
20:21 Ticket #6 (Add testsuite) created by judah
Use some tools to automate the testing: - Like XMonad, we could use …
20:03 Ticket #5 (Cache the terminal type) created by judah
Currently we check the terminal type before each call to getInputLine. We …
19:59 Ticket #4 (Improve dumb terminal interface) created by judah
The dumb terminal interface works, but is not that pretty. In particular, …
19:56 Ticket #3 (Get rid of all build warnings) created by judah
There's a few stray build-time warnings that should be fixed. Make sure …
19:53 Ticket #2 (Allow fallbacks for getting the terminal size on POSIX) created by judah
Currently, the POSIX backend requires TIOCGWINSZ for ioctl to get the …
19:41 Ticket #1 (Support Cygwin) created by judah
Currently the Windows/POSIX choice is an either/or choice at configure …
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