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07:30 Ticket #47 (configure option to compile on POSIX without ncurses) created by judah
For maximal portability, provide a configure flag (off by default) that …
01:55 Ticket #46 (Don't echo the input when stdin is not a terminal.) created by judah
Currently if stdin is not a terminal, getInputLine will print both prompt …


23:29 Ticket #45 (System-level user preferences) created by judah
Have a standard location where a global preferences file for all users may …


16:06 Ticket #44 (New function runFileInputT) created by judah
It might be useful to provide the following function for processing a …


17:27 Ticket #43 (Unicode filenames) created by judah
We should probably support Unicode filenames for the history and …


20:37 WikiStart edited by judah
06:01 Ticket #42 (Investigate integration into ghci) created by judah
Haskeline is fully featured enough to make it worth trying to replace …
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