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19:57 UnicodeSupport created by judah
19:30 WikiStart edited by judah
19:28 WikiDocumentation created by judah
07:11 Ticket #54 (getInputChar doesn't handle Unicode) closed by judah
06:45 Ticket #69 (Check the correct behavior for win32 code pages) created by judah
Should the Win32 code page be initialized once per RunTerm, or should it …


21:30 Ticket #43 (Unicode filenames) closed by judah


00:47 Ticket #62 (File backends don't work with `NoBuffering`) closed by judah


18:37 Ticket #68 (don't require nl_langinfo(CODESET)) created by judah
To get the locale encoding on POSIX we currently use …
09:56 Ticket #47 (configure option to compile on POSIX without ncurses) closed by judah


22:02 Ticket #67 (Clean up Posix monad transformers.) created by judah
Clean up the code around PosixT. While I'm at it, remove this …
21:56 Ticket #66 (Document the fact that some console encodings won't work) created by judah
Add documentation that encodings such as UTF-16, UTF-32 are not expected …
21:48 Ticket #65 (Unicode input in cygwin shell) created by judah
Unicode input in the Cygwin shell probably won't work because we're …
21:47 Ticket #64 (Write a testing program for encodings) created by judah
Write an example, test program to test out console encodings. May be …
20:57 Ticket #63 (Multiword UTF-16 code points aren't handled correctly on Windows) created by judah
Multiword UTF-16 code points aren't handled correctly: - The custom …
19:35 Ticket #62 (File backends don't work with `NoBuffering`) created by judah
The file-based backends won't work with NoBuffering, because …
19:32 Ticket #61 (Ignored unencodeable characters mess up the terminal.) created by judah
In Terminal.app, with a UTF-8 encoding, use runghc examples/Test.hs
19:24 Ticket #60 (Experiment with Windows PowerShell) created by judah
Check out the new Windows PowerShell. Do commands still work as …
19:11 Ticket #20 (Unicode filename completion) closed by judah
duplicate: Dupe of #43.
19:10 Ticket #58 (Unicode output to stderr) closed by judah
19:01 Ticket #22 (Unicode encodings besides UTF-8 (POSIX)) closed by judah


03:50 Ticket #26 (Investigate Windows code pages) closed by judah
fixed: Done. The code page functionality is useful when converting strings to …
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17:01 Ticket #53 (Investigate removing stm dependence) closed by judah


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05:40 CustomKeyBindings edited by judah
05:32 Ticket #59 (username completion function) created by judah
Provide a username completion function which is …
05:23 Ticket #58 (Unicode output to stderr) created by judah
It would be useful to output Unicode text to any handle (in particular, …
00:58 Ticket #57 (function keys) created by judah
The POSIX and Windows backends should be able to recognize function keys.


17:59 Ticket #56 (haskeline does not provide fancy line editing in ghci-6.10.1) created by judah
Using ghci-6.10.1, when Test.hs is run under ghci-6.10.1, fancy line …
17:45 Ticket #55 (haskeline cannot be built with ghc-6.6.1) created by judah
Haskeline currently can't be built using ghc-6.6.1. At least one …
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