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07:49 Ticket #77 (keypad keys) created by judah
Recognize the keypad keys. The issue is that we send a "keypad on" …


21:23 Ticket #76 (ghci-haskeline intermittent segfault) closed by judah
invalid: Never mind, it's a bug in uvector. I've emailed the maintainer.
13:38 Ticket #76 (ghci-haskeline intermittent segfault) created by judah
The following can cause ghci-haskeline to segfault:[…]
13:33 Ticket #72 (terminfo requires importing <curses.h> on Solaris) closed by judah
fixed: Darcs has been built against Haskeline (and tests passed) on Karel's …


20:54 WikiStart edited by judah


21:35 Ticket #56 (haskeline does not provide fancy line editing in ghci-6.10.1) closed by judah
fixed: Fix by:[…]


20:41 Ticket #55 (haskeline cannot be built with ghc-6.6.1) closed by judah
fixed: Fixed: Fri Jan 23 09:35:00 PST 2009 judah.jacobson@… * Make …


17:38 Ticket #75 (Test whether Win32 works with base-4) closed by judah
17:37 Ticket #75 (Test whether Win32 works with base-4) created by judah
A test ticket.


19:06 Ticket #74 (Haskeline can't link against MacPorts' libiconv) created by judah
On OS X, the following fails (where Test.hs is from the examples …


20:37 Ticket #73 (If several lines are pasted in, Haskeline may ignore all but the first) created by judah
Take a program running Haskeline, and paste in several lines at once. …
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