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03:48 Ticket #94 (Use ghc-6.12's new Unicode I/O) created by judah
We should use the new Unicode I/O library on ghc-6.12.1 and later. …
02:25 ViModeCompatibility edited by judah


23:30 ViModeCompatibility edited by jdanbrown
Un-yelling… (diff)
23:28 ViModeCompatibility edited by jdanbrown
Added ~ (diff)
23:20 ViModeCompatibility edited by jdanbrown
Complaining that bind doesn't solve the problem. (diff)
00:31 ViModeCompatibility edited by judah
00:31 Ticket #88 (vi Mode: Searching) closed by judah
fixed: Those commands have now been implemented in the development repo.


05:20 ViModeCompatibility edited by judah
04:49 ViModeCompatibility edited by cjs
Add W / erase previous word insert-mode command. (diff)
04:46 Ticket #93 (Add case-insensitive completion option) created by cjs
Add a completionCaseInsensitive option for ~/.haskeline that defaults …


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18:46 Ticket #28 (Add kill ring) closed by judah


23:01 Ticket #92 (Double-check that undo works correctly with tab completion) created by judah
Double-check that undo works correctly with tab completion. Specifically, …
19:53 Ticket #87 (Vi replacement mode fixes) closed by judah
17:30 Ticket #91 (figure out how readline intercepts ctrl-y) created by judah
On my machine, by default dsusp=^Y which causes the emacs yank …


04:03 Ticket #90 (vi mode printable char bindings should not be bound in input mode) created by cjs
This ~/.haskelline file: editMode: Vi bind: k up bind: …


01:49 ViModeCompatibility edited by judah


22:14 Ticket #86 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: special handling for 'cw') closed by judah
fixed: Now fixed in HEAD.


16:48 Ticket #89 (Use Unicode-compliant case conversion) created by judah
See for example …
07:42 ViModeCompatibility edited by cjs
add links to two more bugs (diff)
07:39 Ticket #88 (vi Mode: Searching) created by cjs
Searching in vi mode still uses an emacs-style search when Ctrl-R or …
07:36 KeyBindings edited by cjs
add link to ViModeCompatibility (diff)
07:35 ViModeCompatibility edited by cjs
add missing search chars (diff)
07:29 WikiStart edited by cjs
Add more obvious links to documentation (diff)
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Add ViModeCompatibility (diff)
07:13 CustomKeyBindings edited by cjs
vi mode stuff moved to vi compatability page; leave reference to it. (diff)
07:11 ViModeCompatibility edited by cjs
add workaround for some commands (diff)
07:06 CustomKeyBindings edited by cjs
add example of standard vi history bindings, since the lib doesn't have … (diff)


18:54 Ticket #85 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: cursor placement after up/down) closed by judah
fixed: Thanks for the report; now fixed in HEAD.
18:42 Ticket #87 (Vi replacement mode fixes) created by judah
Make vi replacement mode more compliant with the POSIX standard (and thus, …


22:54 ViModeCompatibility edited by jdanbrown
Formatted (diff)
22:39 Ticket #86 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: special handling for 'cw') created by jdanbrown
Both vim and libreadline handle 'cw' specially: instead of deleting the …
22:39 Ticket #85 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: cursor placement after up/down) created by jdanbrown
Using up/down in command mode puts the cursor at the end of the line, …
22:31 ViModeCompatibility created by jdanbrown
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