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18:12 Ticket #99 (Define key bindings in terms of commands rather than other keys) created by korpios
Right now, haskeline defines key bindings in terms of other keys; this is …
05:32 Ticket #97 (add flags to control whether duplicates in history should be preserved) closed by judah
fixed: Done now in HEAD; documented at UserPrefs. Thanks for the suggestion; …
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Add all of the new vi commands. (diff)
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Add all of the new vi commands. (diff)


19:55 Ticket #95 (More default Emacs bindings) closed by judah
fixed: OK, thanks for the update; I'll close this ticket. Please re-open it if …
18:49 Ticket #71 (ghci-haskeline: modules with Unicode filenames can't be read on Windows.) closed by judah
fixed: This issue was fixed by the following ticket in …
18:36 Ticket #92 (Double-check that undo works correctly with tab completion) closed by judah
fixed: This seems to be working fine.
18:25 Ticket #98 (support for pageUp and pageDown keys in .haskeline) closed by judah
18:12 Ticket #84 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: missing commands) closed by judah
fixed: All of the bindings listed on that wiki page are now in HEAD. Thanks …
18:08 ViModeCompatibility edited by judah


22:28 Ticket #70 (ghci-haskeline doesn't print Unicode filenames correctly) closed by judah
duplicate: Now that GHC uses Haskeline, this issue has been logged in the ghc trac …
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