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18:24 Ticket #111 (Incorect calculations for multi-line prompt) created by guest
For multi-line prompt (containing new-line characters for example) …
01:40 Ticket #44 (New function runFileInputT) closed by judah
fixed: Fixed by the following patch:[…]


05:55 Ticket #109 (Completion with choice modifiers) closed by judah
fixed: Resolved with the following patch:[…]


19:55 Ticket #52 (Don't accept key sequences which have partially failed) closed by judah
fixed: Dupe of #106.
01:42 Ticket #108 (encoding error on long UTF-8 paste) closed by judah


07:38 Ticket #81 (haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1) closed by judah
fixed: Fixed in (to be released next week).
07:37 Ticket #106 (Do not insert escape codes for unrecognised commands) closed by judah
07:34 Ticket #104 (Vi mode breaks compatibility with readline: d2w, etc.) closed by judah
07:33 Ticket #110 (Pressing Enter results in M) closed by judah
fixed: Ok, I've found the problem; thanks for your help in tracking it down. …


18:19 Ticket #110 (Pressing Enter results in M) created by guest
When pressing the Enter key in GHCi, it responds by an M character and …
17:10 Ticket #109 (Completion with choice modifiers) created by boris
Currently function completeWord receives a function to produce a list of …
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