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User preferences

Haskeline's user interface may be customized by editing a ~/.haskeline file.

Each line of a .haskeline file sets one preference field; field names are case insensitive and unparseable lines are ignored. For example:

editMode: Vi
completionType: MenuCompletion
maxhistorysize: Just 40
field name values default value
bellStyle NoBell | VisualBell | AudibleBell AudibleBell
maxHistorySize Maybe Int Just 100
editMode Vi | Emacs Emacs
completionType ListCompletion | MenuCompletion ListCompletion
completionPaging Bool True
When listing completion alternatives, only display one screen of possibilities at a time.
completionPromptLimit Maybe Int Just 100
If more than this number of completion possibilities are found, ask before listing them.
listCompletionsImmediately Bool True
If False, completions with multiple possibilities will ring the bell and only display them if the user presses TAB again.